Thursday, May 20, 2010

To ruffle or not to ruffle?

I love my first McCall's 5522 so I am making another one.
I am making it in a lovely quality cotton with a black spot which was white but I dyed ecru to take the edge of the white.

I decided on the long sleeve (as opposed to the full 3/4 sleeve), with no collar (collar stand only) and a ruffle. This is the bodice assembled with the ruffle basted on and one sleeve roughly pinned on. I have made a rolled hem on the edge of the ruffle in black.

I was concerned the long sleeve would look too much with the spotty fabric but, now I am wondering if the ruffle is a little Poiret the clown. You need to take into account the button band will break it up a bit but I need some help before I proceed. Is it too much, should I take the ruffle off now to ally heartbreak (and a lot of unpicking) later? Any and all comments welcomed (apart from maybe scary clown references...)

Parting shot - Can you pick the odd one out of my cat ornament collection?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bored yet?... more tops...

First up, Jalie 2787, the criss cross top...

I made this top in a poly/rayon/spandex blend purchased from Kerryn's fabric world. I love this fabric and this is the third time I have used it - once in blue, once in green, now I have expanded my colour range to include red:

This was difficult to photograph true and is slightly brighter than it shows here. However I have been searching for reds that I can wear because a lot of them make me look red and flushed in the face - this one doesn't - love it!

The review for those interested. I am very happy with this top. It looks like it is pulling a bit across my bust here but it wan't noticeable in real life so I will check that out next time I wear it.

However next time I would widen the sleeve at the bicep. It was also too tight on my green scarf top that I made in this fabric, so I am wondering if it is the fabric or the draft. I have a 3/4-length sleeved sweetheart top made from a Jalie pattern and the sleeve isn't so tight, so I must compare the width of the sleeve pattern to see if maybe the fabric is affecting it or if the pattern does need adjusting. I also look a bit lumpy about the waist but I have a leather belt on with a pedometer clipped on, so you will just have to excuse the lumpiness.

And another version of Kwik-Sew 3740. My first version was in bright orange bamboo jersey. This time a polyester (again from Kerryn's). It is a beautiful goldy-browny uneven knit.

As you can see the cowl still drapes beautifully. As this fabric unravels I had to over lock the hems before turning up so they don't have a lot of stretch but it still works really well.

Cosmo was whining at me while I got my photo taken - he wanted to be included...

Now that I have broken into a few new colours in my wardrobe, what do you think of this fabric..

I don't think it helps that the background is busy with one of my quilts, but can I get away with this busy bright fabric in a dress (perhaps Burda magazine 10-2008-115)?

What do you think?

Too much???

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Big day out

I had a lovely day out today - road trip!

With a couple of sewing buddies, a big day out to Brisbane to see a few things..

First up the Knitwit roadshow, where we saw some lovely fabrics and patterns (and to be honest, some granny fabrics and patterns!) but I did get enough out of it that I would go again.

Then with a couple of other sewing buddies Lynn and her friend Carol joined us to go to the Art Gallery and see this hat exhibition. After this we also decided to see the Ron Mueck display which was absolutely fascinating and quite confronting. My sewing buddies (Ros & Anna) in front of one of the sculptures...

as promised here is a picture of me wearing my new Jalie Scarf neck top...

and my huge shopping splurge for the day, two new buckles to alternate on my scarf top (or for some new ones)...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Month of tops

I didn't join in the Month of Tops but I did enjoy following it and think I must have been inspired by it! It is all in line with my simple sewing at the moment - I think the mojo to do something more involved will return soon, but I need some tops since the weather turned cool so I'm afraid my sewing may look simple for a little while longer!

I got a full day off work so planned to use it to sew and this is what I accomplished...

Another Jalie scarf top. This time with three quarter sleeves and the buckle. Last time it was the sleeveless version. The colour is in-between these two photos - a kind of apple green. I think Diana's redness puts the camera in a spin! The fabric is a lovely poly/rayon/spandex bought from Kerryn's Fabric World (the same fabric as in this dress). It is a gorgeous fabric and I have just bought another piece in red (for another top!) Last time I shortened the tie but I didn't this time as I thought the buckle might take some length up. I plan to wear it on Wednesday for a road trip to Brisbane with some sewing buddies. I hope to get a photo on the day so I will hopefully post again with a 'real' shot later this week.

Here is the buckle detail - I wasn't 100% sure how to use the buckle but I think there is probably no right or wrong so long as it stays put.

I also managed to sew Jalie 2921 - round necked t-shirt but with a longer sleeve that I have poached from another Jalie pattern.

This is a cheapie fabric (and don't it look it!). I have doubled the fabric in the front for modesty and plan to use it as a pyjama top to go with my blue flannel jamie pants I showed in my previous post. It would look better if I had pressed it. Well it is for jamies so...

Monday, May 3, 2010

Simple sewing and more frustrations!

I was happy to receive the email from Gorgeous Fabrics regarding their silk sale with the thought to use the silk to make your Mum a simple scarf. I printed out the instructions, but I wasn't able to purchase from GF as there would not have been time for the order to arrive as I wanted it for this week-end when we visited my parents. So I found a lovely pieces of silk chiffon (?) from the remnant bin at Gardams. The fabric is one that had one colour woven one way and another the other - green, blue so it has a lovely shimmer to it. If you can tell me what that is called, I would be grateful as I have been racking my brain to try and remember!

The instructions call for a rolled hem on the overlocker (serger) and to continue my run of bad luck with the OL, of course when I changed it over to do a rolled hem the chaining stopped and has not returned. Less than a month ago, the same thing happened when I started the mini-wardrobe contest and the machine was serviced fully and I was told it was OK to go! However there is obviously a bigger problem with this machine as it loses the ability to chain as soon as it is changed to a rolled hem... *frustration* ...the machine is packed up ready to go back to the shop (again!).

So to cut a long story short I ended up looking up how to hand sew a rolled hem and that is what I did. It took hours!

I am trying to look at it in a positive light as at least I learned a new skill! Here is the best photo of the hem that I could get.

After visiting with my parents, I had a free afternoon so wanted to accomplish something on the sewing front, so I have made some jammie pants to wear on the cool nights we are getting.

I used Burda wof 11-2009-131. I would love to make a pair in silk but decided to try the pattern first in good old cuddly flannelette. I don't think you need to see these on me - they look like pyjama bottoms (believe me)!

I think I must have misunderstood the instructions though as my ties are about twice as long as I think they should be (misunderstand BWOF instructions - never!)

Another hem shot - I used one of my fancy stitches on my Bernina for fun! The colour is not showing true here. It is the colour shown in the above photo.

Lulu missed us while we were away overnight at my parents place so has been very helpful this afternoon.
I bought some ivory coloured knit fabric when I got the flannelette so I think I will make a little t-shirt to complete my night-time ensemble. After I have worn these I will make a decision as whether I make some from silk (maybe I should check if that silk sale is still happening at GF!)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sewing for the boys...

This is part of my simple sewing campaign - sewing for the boys - two out of three so far. When I can get a chest measurement of my eldest son I will make some for him to (but don't tell him that - he will be mortified!).

I have made versions for both my other boys - here is the v-neck for my youngest son. Please note - being a Mum who thinks of the future and the fact this boy is at an extreme growing age, I made this shirt one size bigger than he measured (I would have gone bigger but I do want him to wear it so I have to err on the side of not to big). The v-neck version:

and the back ...

Detail of the v-neck - not the easiest to accomplish but the instructions on how to do it are good.

And I have made a v-neck and crew-neck for DH. Here is one of the crew-neck made in a technical (wicking) fabric to wear at the gym. As he had just returned from the gym, he wouldn't let me add his head (too red and sweaty!) but he did suck in his gut and strike a pose...

I have added a piping sized band of fluoro-orange wicking fabric to the front to break up all the black - look at me I did embellishment!

This is a great basic men's/boy's Tee-shirt pattern that I highly recommend. The review is
here for those interested.