Friday, September 21, 2012

Another Demi drape top... or a lesson in still not choosing the right fabric!

This was my second Demi Drape top after my trial one last post.  I carefully choose some great fabrics from my stash.  The main fabric is a knit mesh bought from the Fabric Collection and the rayon "cami" is from Gorgeous fabrics, which I also used previously in another top - the second one in this post.

A few photos more to show you,... the back...

The mesh is single layer on the back and the sleeves.  My DH assures me you cannot see my bra through there but I reckon a camera will always pick it up! :)

The whole outfit as worn to work today...

The skirt is this one  and as the top stitching is a murky green I thought they went well together.  My shoes are a bit too "chocolate" on the brown scale, but comfortable (Kumfs or Ziera as they are now).  

The hems are all left raw, so this top is slightly longer than my last one as I didn't trim off the hem allowance before sewing.

...and just in case you were wondering about the post title... I still got the fabric wrong!  It is still not the right drape.  The mesh is light but not drapey enough - the rayon knit would have been a better choice for  the cowl part... maybe I will give it one more shot?? 
I think in the meantime I will try and tack it down...

and an outtake... I had these photos taken at work by my DH (we work together).. I thought someone was going to catch us in the conference room...


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Spring is here .. Marakesh pants and Demi drape top

I have started sewing for the warmer weather and the next two cabs off the rank are the Hot Patterns Marrakesh pants and Stylearc Demi Drape top.

The pants I have made before -  version 1 and version 2.  This version is made from a polyester linen weave fabric called Harmony.  The only real alterations I made to the pattern were to shorten the leg by 1" and to sew the back crotch deeper.  I still get some wrinkles depending on how I stand, but overall I am pretty happy with the fit of these pants.  I probably won't be able to wear them on the hottest days but they will be great for most of the Spring/Summer/Autumn here.

Detail of the waistband and pocket...

The top is my 'trial' version of this pattern.  It is made from fabric left over from other projects.  They coordinate well but are heavier and not as drapey as the suggested fabrics.  

I made no alterations to this pattern and it is a straight size 8 (these patterns only come in one size).  I am pretty happy with the fit.  The sleeve is snug, so I may need to check the sleeve width if I made the longer sleeved version.  

This is why you need to use to use a drapey fabric.  I can see me catching all sorts of food in there :)  

This won't stop me from using this top.  I was trying to work out if I could use a weight but it would show so I just need to remember to smooth down the "pouffiness" every so often. 

I have made another version of this top and hope to get it photographed next.  I think it is a nice tee shirt shape and may make it without the cowl overlay some time.

Ciao for now!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Op shopping fun...

I have some sewing to show you but have not had a photographer so that will have to wait until another post.  In the meantime I have to show off some op shop finds... 

This McCall's pattern was bought for the little vest-top - cute!  Uncut pattern in factory folds 50c! The zip and the buckle cost me another 70c.  I will use the buckle for the Jalie scarf tops I have made.  The zip will be used for a little makeup bag.

This cardigan cost $4 and is heavy rayon/poly blend.  It is in excellent condition except for the beads.  I plan to remove the beads and if it needs it, I will put some other trim over that section.

Happy, happy, happy shopping!  

Next post will include some sewing photos... HP Marrakesh pants and Stylearc Demi-drape top... and some crochet... Ciao!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Another jacket ... Burda 7401

But a very different one to the last one.  This pattern, Burda 7401 is a little out of my comfort zone and to take it further still I decided to use some stash fabric - a very safety-orange linen bought from The Fabric Collection.

And guess what - orange is as hard to photograph as black!  

 I love the peplum and how it falls in the back.

The construction is really interesting and makes this jacket fun to make ... except perhaps for the side panels which are under the arms... not for a beginner those ones...

There are clever pockets which are constructed in an unusual way with the facing making part of the pocket.

I used the overlocker to finish the exposed seams and pinked the ones that end up inside the facing.  This is the inside of the jacket.

I am a little unconvinced by the ribbon tie and am thinking of removing it and using a hook and eye instead.  

With the ribbon..

and without...

What do you think?  

I haven't seen this jacket much before in sewing blog land but by lovely coincidence Carolyn has made this jacket recently for her daughter.  She has styled it differently using the ties to wrap around the garment and making it 'boyfriend' style, slightly larger.  It looks fab in pink silk and as usual her photos are glorious - if you haven't seen it yet the post is here.

Let me know what you think about the ties - I am really leaning toward the hook and eye but am reluctant to chop off the ties until I am sure...  Ciao! 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

WIP... finished ... Burda 7579 Jacket

I haven't been blogging but I have been sewing.  A project that has taken me weeks to finish.  It is Burda 7579, the jacket.  I started this jacket in Winter 2010 and never finished it.  Since we had the renovation the next year, it didn't come out of the cupboard.  This winter I have been busy sewing, meaning to finish this jacket and I have ... finally... now the weather is warming up again!

I am not going to say a lot about this jacket and will put the details in the review.  The jacket is made from wool purchased at Bargain Box in Ipswich and lined with a silk charmeuse purchased from  I think I had planned to make a blouse, but the print was too busy for me so I decided it would make a perfect lining.  The buttons were the hardest part to source and I eventually found the ones I wanted at Sckafs in Brisbane.  I really love the buttons!

Lots of piccies for you...

First on Diana...

Then on me...

With the vagaries of photographing black... my pants are black but have come up brown in these photos???

Some details...

and of course, my sewing helper assisting me...

Ciao kittens!