Monday, December 11, 2017

Women with thighs...

What do women do in summer if you have the opposite of thigh gap... politely maybe referred to as muscular thighs or pears?  I don't think there is a good name for women with thighs, but I do know that we suffer in summer.  I adore wearing frocks in Summer.  They are cool and floaty and make for an easy choice when getting dressed in the morning.  However with this current humid warm summer days we are having, I find wearing frocks not so appealing due to the dreaded rub.  I have looked for a number of solutions, but the one I have been most happy with is with "slip shorts".  Shorts made from soft, comfortable, breathable natural fibres to wear under your frock.

I have started making these for myself after finding they are difficult to source in Australia.  I base them on a pattern for compression shorts, sizing up a bit to take away the compression aspect.  I want these pants to be comfortable, no compression or sucking in.  These are not meant to act like spanx.

I made one trial pair with a fabric remnant and since then I have been so taken with these pants that I am making them for my Etsy shop.  So far I have had excellent feedback from my customers who have tried them.

Now I know you sewists can make your own, but if you would rather buy them please feel free to stop by my shop and check them out.  You can find them all here - slip shorts.

These shorts are also lovely to sleep in and if you are an active person or chasing kids around a playground they provide an element of modesty.  As I use pretty lace on the hems, I think they look very pretty and feminine if your skirt does fly up, like a pretty slip would.  I am planning to make some soon without the lace to see how they go, as not every one is a lace fan like me.

I have at the moment listed classic black, a fun terracotta and a few in ivory.  Soon I will be adding a really pretty soft pink and a nude, so keep an eye out for those.

I have lots of names for these... slip shorts, pettipants, petticoat pants... what would you call them?  Would you wear them?