Sunday, February 14, 2016

Activewear - Pneuma tank and Monica pant

Phew!  Just finished preparing my reviews for my entry into the activewear contest.  High five someone... felt like a workout getting them done! 

I made 2 pieces to coordinate (hopefully!).  The Papercut patterns Pneuma tank and the Stylearc Monica pants.  I have given them the trial at the box which allowed me to get the "action" photos.  Hence the faces - lifting face and wod pain face!  That is why I think this is my best shot! 

I was concerned I might be "mutton dressed as lamb" in this top, but now that I have worn it I don't care any more!  It is so cool and comfortable to wear with the light tank that sits away from the body.  

I did a bit of extra reinforcing in the crop and it seems to work fine. The crop was lined with power net and then a lining of supplex over the cups that have an opening at the side to allow the addition of a removable cup.

For the straps they recommend bra strapping but I made my own straps using this great tutorial.  Seriously great tutorial - they look exactly like the straps on my Lululemon crop. I also had 3 straps on each side instead of 2.  Love that look.

Deadlift - a PB!.
This top may have to be my lucky top now as I did a PB on my deadlift that day!

I wanted the pdf download for the Monica pant as I wanted the pattern quickly and didn't want to pay postage.  It wasn't in the Stylerc etsy shop but Chloe was super helpful and put the pdf of my sizes up.  You actually get 3 sizes when you buy the pdf. 

The pants did not need much modification except for shortening the leg and in the next pair I will shorten by about an inch above the knee as well.  I am wondering if I should add a bit more fabric to the booty area as the pants dip slightly at the back waist.  Not enough to make this pair uncomfortable but I might try it for my next pair.

So the exciting part of the WOD that day is that I can now do a box jump to the full height of 20".  I have been working on this skill for awhile now so I am excited to see progress.

Two more pics and the link to the complete reviews...

The review for the Pneuma top is here and the Monica pants review is here.

Ciao kittens - a bit of crafting may be next on the cards...

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Vogue 1179... the other one

This was the first Vogue 1179 I made, but I have only managed to get the photos organised.  We went away for a week-end to attend a family engagement party.  It was a great little dress to pack and take for this kind of occasion.

I look very white in these photos which were taken in our motel room.  My hair had the copper foils added the week before so I wonder if the strong colours of my hair and dress wash me out a little.

In this dress the fabric is lighter than the patterned one, and the fact I probably need a swayback alteration is more apparent.  Always interesting how different fabrics can sit so differently.

The patterned version is a big favorite of mine and has been worn to the office every week since I made it.  This teal one is reserved as my "going out" version.  Does anyone  else categorise their clothes that way?

Ciao.. activewear coming up next.