Saturday, August 10, 2019

Vogue 9081 Marcy Tilton Cardigan

I had planned to make this cardigan top to take on the cruise last year and now I am sorry I didn't get to it.

The stretch mesh fabric is from Super Cheap Fabrics and I think cost the whole of $2 per metre.  I bought a few metres as it was not very wide.

The pattern is Marcy Tilton Vouge 9081.  I checked the reviews and found a few of the dress but not of the draped cardigan.  I was worried when I first started making it that the reason might be because it was a confusing make but I followed the instructions methodically and got there in the end.  The only issue I had was the facing band was too long.  However that may have been user error - I might have stretched it a bit when I pressed it perhaps.

The mesh made the sew slow going as it was fine and would melt under the iron, so much pressing cloth action and practice pieces to make sure it would work.  The pattern instructions are detailed and have tips on sewing this fabric which I liked.  I didn't follow all of them but I did follow the one about sewing the sleeve and it worked very well.

Sewing a buttonhole in the mesh fabric caused me some concern and many practices but it worked.  I happened to find the perfect buttons in my stash.

Not a fast make, but a satisfying one...