Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tops, tops & some thermal tops

My sewing has been pretty basic lately but good for the wardrobe. :)

Even though I have my sewing studio now, the renovation continues so I do find it difficult to concentrate on more time-consuming projects. My lighting has not been updated yet either (hopefully next week) so I hope when that is done it will motivate me to take on some more complicated projects.

First up, it has been cold here lately and I have been feeling it, so decided to use some thermal fabric I bought to make some thermal layers.

The fabric I used is from the Bamboo Store and is called Bamboo & Sorona Thermal.

The sorona is derived from corn and the fabric is lovely and silky smooth. It is very wide and from 1 metre I cut three things:

This Jalie 2564 camisole...

A long sleeved top (modified from Kwik sew 3740)

I used foe (fold over elastic) on the neckline and for those in Australia, I actually found this in Spotlight marked as 'lingerie elastic'. It is very similar to the foe I have bought from o/s. Not many colours available at Spotties, but I was happy to be able to source it locally.

This is a close-up of how I finished the foe. I attach it to one side first, with the fold (centre) of the foe lined up with the edge of the fabric with a zig-zag and then folded it to the front and used a triple stitch to attach this side.

The photo shows the bamboo/sorona fabric close-up as well.

I did not want to waste one piece of this lovely fabric and made a little beanie from the scraps...

Then I seemed to tackle some fabrics I wasn't sure how to handle, in terms of the print on the fabrics.

This one was purchased at Gorgeous Fabrics ages ago and I love it but had ordered it thinking I would make a dress and then decided it was too busy and the motif too large to work well in a dress for me. So I bit the bullet and cut out another Kwiksew 3740 being careful of motif placement and ended up with this pleasant little top.

This next fabric is also from GF and I loved the idea of it. It was described as a rich, metallic toned abstract print (rayon/lycra) and I loved the sound of it. It arrived and it is very shiny - dOH! it said metallic why was I surprised? The 'abstract' print turned out to more resemble really, really large flower motifs, so I also had to figure out how to place them on the garment.

I used the fantastic Burdastyle turtleneck pattern (again) 09-2010-121. This is the magic pattern and I think makes any fabric turn into a great top....

The colours in this fabric are great for my colouring and now I believe I will get a lot of wear out of this fabric. I didn't want to waste the scraps so used the last little bit to make a cami (from Jalie 2564 again). I think this little gold cami will work really well as a layering piece under those tops/dresses that need a cami...

And the next Turtleneck top (that's four all up!) was made with another great fabric from the Bamboo Store. It is a Bamboo/organic cotton/lycra blend and is divine. Now black fabric cannot be described as a difficult to use fabric but I made this top as I have an orphan RTW skirt in my wardrobe. This black top should coordinate well with it , so I am planning to put it into use by pairing it with the orphan skirt.

Black is probably not the best colour near my face but it will be worth it as I will get use out of the orphan skirt and I think it will be a versatile layering piece. I can also wear a scarf or whatever close to my face to detract from the black.

Well I still have more to show you - a different top (about time!), two new gym tops and a Stylearc skirt.

Ciao for now - more blogging when the photographer is available again...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Kwik sew 3693 - instant gratification in a cardi!

I have been really feeling the cold lately. We are having a cold Winter and our house is particularly cold while our renovation is happening. Instant warmth in a cardigan is available in Kwik sew 3693. I bought this pattern at the Knitwit roadshow as I was impressed with the sample they had on show. I have been looking for a suitable fabric to make it up in and, wonder of wonders, I found one in my stash when I sorted my fabric out into the new sewing studio.

I made View A in a lovely suede jersey I bought from Gorgeous Fabrics. This is a great fabric for this pattern. It has the right weight for the cardigan but still soft enough to drape nicely.

It is a brown colour and coordinates well with other pieces I have made recently.

The style of this jacket is probably a little boxy for my taste but this is out-weighed for me, by the ease and speed of making this cardigan. Sooper easy and satisfying...

My only other slight gripe is that like some other Kwik sew patterns, it is drafted with a slightly dropped shoulder. I like a nice crisp shoulder line - but I can live with it.

It is a good enough pattern that I am planning to make View B with the hood and pockets in a polar fleece hanging out in the stash cupboard. Review here for those interested.

While the reno has been happening I have been re-inspired to start crocheting again. At the Art Textiles show I bought a pattern for a beret and some lovely purple mink/merino/silk wool to make it up. I had a heap of trouble getting it going, so frogged it and started again in some left-over DK wool from the Phoebe Jane vest.

It was sooo easy to make in this wool and I knocked it up in one night!

So I went back and tried again and got my purple beret...

My only changes where to use a crochet hook heaps bigger than recommended. I love the Jenny King designs but I am a bit disappointed that they are written for people who crochet extremely loosely... anyway, now I know...

More cold weather sewing happening... when the photos happen, the blog posts will happen.. Ciao!