Saturday, November 30, 2013

Sparkly top - Burdastyle 07-2013 #110C

I have sewn myself a top to wear to some dinners and functions we have been invited to over this busy time of year.  Ages ago I bought a sparkly metallic jersey from Lincraft in the 40% off sale.  The material was not expensive to begin with and with 40% off it became a real bargain.  I decided to use Burdastyle 07-2013-110, essentially view C in glitter jersey.  View A and B are shown in the downloads on the Burda site.  They are all the same pattern just made in different fabrics.

I then polled my sewing buddies to see if anyone could spare a scrap of gold or black satin and one friend generously gave me the small piece of black satin I needed for the straps.   Incidentally, another sewing buddy gifted me some metallic threads and I used the gold thread to hand quilt the straps - good to have friends, eh? 

The instructions did not read well the first time I went through them, but did fall into place when I was sewing the top.  I really enjoyed hand quilting the straps.  There is very thin pellon/batting (iron-on) inside the shoulder straps.  I really like this finish.  I had planned to use black metallic thread to quilt them with but made a sample and preferred the gold and I think it ties the black straps into the gold/black of the jersey.

The only adjustment I made to the pattern was to shorten the top by 4cm, essentially removing the hem allowance.  

The only negatives to this top is that I think it is quite boxy, but it does make it easy to wear and the cowl is very low, but as an evening top I can live with that.  Surprisingly the metallic jersey wasn't that hard to work with and pressed quite well.  I have worn it to one function already and have at least 2 more before Christmas I can wear it to without having the same people see it.  

I have reviewed the pattern here (but probably don't say anything extra in the review, to what I have said here).

I have also made a pair of Tessuti Chloe pants but need to get photos to blog about it.  My current project is quilting my scrap quilt.   

 Ciao folks... enjoy all the socialising this time of year brings!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Burdastyle 03-2012 #120 - take 2 hi-lo dress

I have completed my second version of the hi-lo dress and this one has come out like I pictured it in my head.

I can see this dress going out to dinner or being worn on Xmas Day.  I bought the fabric from Spotlight and it is a stretch crepe.  The recommended fabric is a jersey and this fabric is heavier, so the armhole and neckline openings have ended up a bit too thick and were a PITA to sew.  In hindsight I should have used a different method to the one in the pattern to finish them.  But it is done and I am happy!

The only alteration I made to this pattern was to lower the front hemline by 4 inches and this works for me so much better than originally drafted.

You do need to choose your bra wisely for this dress or the straps will show as they are cut-in a bit.

Now to model the green version so you can see the difference in hemline.  This one is as per the original pattern.

Thank you for your kind comments about my legs, but much as this dress will get worn, the blue one will get worn more!

I do have some pull lines above the bust in both versions... I probably should have worked better to fix that on the second version, but what can I say, I am lazy, so I let it be.  However any suggestions welcome... is the armhole too small or is it an indicator that I need a FBA?

Thank you again for your kind comments on my last post about this dress.  If you are looking for a simple tee-dress with a bit of style, this one could work for you!  My review is here for those interested to see it.... Ciao!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Burdastyle 03/2012 #120 - hi-lo dress

I haven't seen anyone on Pattern Review review this dress but there are a few on the Burdastyle website - 03/2012 #120.  

I decided this might work for me as I have a straight cut singlet dress and I wear it a lot (mainly at home) - V8138, so I thought a more fashionable version may be the ticket for for this summer.  

Mostly when I look at versions of this dress, it has been made in a plain jersey.  I have used a mesh print and lined it.  I am not 100% convinced that it works in a print and I have a hankering to make it in a plain navy.  I think that would be a great backdrop for some chunky necklaces and *perhaps* look slimming as well.

Well this is the finished frock on Diana.

My reluctance to model this is that it really highlights the legs and I am wondering if at my age I should have cut the 'hi' part a little lower.   I may do this for my next version in a plain navy.  I wasn't sure I liked the hi-lo hemline when it first appeared but like most things, it has grown on me the longer it is around.  Maybe I should have stayed with my first impression??

Anyway that is the sneak peek for now, you may see a modelled shot yet.  Any thoughts on using the print or the hi-lo thing?? Ciao for now!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Another Ottobre buttondown 02-2013-3

I did give you a preview of this top on Diana before sewing the buttons, but thought I would show it photographed on me, as even though I have made one of these tops before in a bamboo woven - here, this top falls a little differently due to the nature of the fabric.  

The fabric for this top was bought as a remnant piece from a designer's shop (Tengdahl) and is a beautiful swiss dot cotton voile.  Lovely to work with and to wear. 

Sorry you can't see the detail of the fabric in these shots. 

And once again I managed to sew the collar and stand on using my edge stitch foot mainly.  I would have hand-basted it to hold it while sewing but otherwise it is all sewn by machine.  I mentioned this in the last post about the bamboo top, but didn't have a photo of the collar detail.

You can see the detail of this lovely fabric.  Two new tops I really love and which have gone into heavy rotation.  Nothing amazing but I love this style of clothes and it really suits my lifestyle.