Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sorbetto tops

The next two items for the Fabric Stash contest.  Collete patterns Sorbetto top.  A free pattern available for download and very popular in sewing land.  I made a few alterations to this top and I would recommend tissue fitting or a toile before you make this one up.  

My first top is made from a piece of left-over fabric purchased in 2008.  This is a good pattern for using those small pieces of fabric. This fabric is a Japanese quilting cotton with the most exquisite cherry blossom print.  To play up the subtle pink I added a few pink buttons to this top.  I have made the front pleat on this pattern slightly smaller as I was restricted by the narrow width of the cotton.

The back..

The alterations I made to the pattern were to adjust the bust dart (angle and shorten it), add about 5cm to the length and scooped out the bottom of the armholes.  As I was short of fabric I didn't make bias from the same fabric but used a bias binding but turned to the inside.

The second was is a gorgeous piece of silk found in a remnant bin in January 2009.  Beautiful fabric but a PITA to work with.  I used french seams and also bound the armholes and neck edge to the inside using the method found in Threads magazine #145 (Thanks Belinda for pointing this out!)  This time the pleat is as per the pattern.

I am not overly happy with the hem on this top and tried it twice.  However I see this one being a layering piece (and so hopefully the hem won't be seen) and pictured below is the fabric for the next top I plan to make.

This is also a stash fabric, perfect for the contest but I am not sure I will get it completed this week-end to review before the contest finishes.  Let's see how I go....

Saturday, January 21, 2012

DKNY Vogue 1250

Vogue 1250, the DKNY dress that everyone loves, including me now!  I don't have a lot to say about this pattern as I think it has all been said before.  I made a size 12 based on finished size for hips.  I f I wanted to be really particular I could probably size the top down slightly and widen slightly at the hips for my measurements, but knit fabrics are so forgiving that I didn't bother.  I am happy with the result.  

This is another entry for the fabric stash contest.  This was bought from Gorgeous Fabrics and was called Pointillist Chevron.  I purchased it in September 2010.  It is a polyester lycra blend.

As usual when I haven't much to say - I put up lots of piccies! (winking at you in the one above showing the cowl detail).

One of my buddies on Pattern Review Down Under wondered what this dress would look like on a shorty.  I don't consider myself short but measured my height and I am 162cm or nearly 5'4" tall.

My Strippy quilt is finished and washed (was very dusty) so I will be showing that soon as well as the Sorbetto top.... Ciao!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

What I wore yesterday.. Simplicity 2599

Back in October last year I made two versions of Simplicity 2599.  The first a wearable muslin, the second one in silk.  At the time, I was over the silk version by the time I finished it and it has sat in my wardrobe since then.  Finally yesterday I got it out to wear to work and really liked it (why I did wait so long?)

I have matched it with Simplicity 2451, which I made back in February last year.

Both patterns featured in the Pattern Review best patterns of 2010.

I enjoyed wearing this top so much, that I have decided to make some more shell tops. The top I have decided to make is the Sorbetto Top.  A pattern which should be on the top 2011 pattern list.  Many successful versions have been made, the latest one I have seen here.

Now to finish my Vogue 1250 and then to find the sticky tape to prepare that pattern... Ciao!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sweet Dreams ...Ottobre 05-2011-2

Next cab off the rank for the fabric stash contest.  This fabric was bought in approximately March 2009.  However the top I planned to make from it didn't eventuate (probably lucky as this fabric is too busy for my taste to wear as I top - what was I thinking?).  However I finally worked out a use for it.  Pyjama pants - what I call girly boxers.   I have wanted to make myself a pair since I made some for my boys.

The pattern I used is from Ottobre magazine 05-2011, pattern No. 2 Sweet Dreams.  I cut a size 40 as I prefer pj's to be on the loose side (I am between 38 and 40 since Christmas... darn it!).  The fabric is a stretch satin (polyester) bought from Lincraft.  I needed more than they state (I think they assume wide fabric).  I used about 75 cm.

I made a few changes to the pattern.  I cut the waistband facing off as I wanted to attach the elastic like boxers.  I am not keen on using casing as I hate the elastic twisting and I think this looks more RTW.  Well, from the outside anyway where you don't notice the wonky stitches that happen when you are sewing while stretching the elastic.

I also hemmed the pants instead of using picot-edged lace.  I did use a fancy stitch though - pj's are one of the few places you can play with stitches!

This is how I plan to wear them - with a singlet tee, not tucked in though.

Sweet dreams - can't wait to try them when the weather decides to warm up again... Ciao!

Monday, January 16, 2012

McCall's 6347... bubbles, bubbles, bubbles dress

McCall's 6347 view A makes a lovely cool, summery, casual dress.  This is a snap to make - two pieces for the main dress plus the tie piece.  Sew the seams, finish the neck and armhole edges, hem, make tie - so simple.  I need to make another one of these.

The fabric used is from Gorgeous Fabrics.  I bought this fabric in November 2010 and so this dress is my first entry in the fabric stash contest.   It is a polyester and was called Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles.  Loved it when I saw it, but didn't know what I was going to make from it when it arrived.  I think it works perfectly in this dress.

The photo above shows the back tied as per the pattern and below without the tie.  I plan to wear it with the tie - I think it is cute.

  One more shot of the front- spot the cat...

And for a laugh I had to show my muscles off for the photographer - he said I was scary!

I have another half finished project for the stash contest but was waiting for elastic to finish it.  In the meantime I got busy finishing a UFO.  A strippy quilt-as-you-go started many years ago.

Until next time... Ciao kittens!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Another shirtdress... Burdastyle 05-2011-117

Another shirtdress (and my last sewing for 2011).  This is a very different dress to the last one. Burdastyle 05-2011-117.  This time in a rayon shirting from  Hopefully this will be a nice cool summer dress.  The fabric was quite bright and I was wondering what I would make from it when it arrived, but I think this dress suits it well.  It may be a little brighter in real life to these photos but they are not too far off.  I think the dress has a real 1940's vibe.

 The description states A classic shirtwaist dress with romantic styling.  Front darts fit it to the figure, while the small notched collar and sophisticated back add a touch of class.  

Now I love the collar and the blouson back, but it doesn't look like Burda's photos where there is no hint of how blousy the back really is.

The pockets are a nice feature and are top-stitched (not noticeable on this busy fabric) and I like how they suggest doing it by using the pocket pattern to give you a guide to the stitching line.

The blousy back - I like it and I think it does add a quirky design feature as well as making the hips look slim, but it does show from the front (unlike Burdastyle's photos in the magazine).

I used a seam allowance guide to cut the SA of this pattern - quite like it.  It is perhaps not as accurate as drawing your own SA but so much quicker and perfectly satisfactory result for this sewist :)

I was very lucky to receive this as a blog give away from Jorth, and will be using it a lot as I hope to sew a lot more from my Burda and Ottobre magazines this year.

My only negative comment about this pattern is that when I raise my arms the whole dress comes with it.  Any clues as to what I need to do, to alleviate this??  Is it to do with sleeve width or armhole size??

Anyway it is too late for this dress, I like it and will still wear it.  It will just be a lady's lunching dress not a putting things away on high shelves dress.

Nearly caught up with my blogging.  I have joined the pattern review fabric stash contest so have made two small items for that before getting totally distracted by finishing a quilt started years ago... Ciao for now kittens!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

2012... when did that start?

My blogging has been more and more infrequent lately, so I thank you readers who have stuck with me through these breaks.  I don't think I will be doing a 2011 recap as I still have some 2011 sewing to show you.  

These are some shots of my finished McCalls 6116, which I showed you last post.
McCalls 6116
Photos were taken in December when we went to Brisbane for a night away and entertained ourselves by visiting the Matisse exhibition in the Art Gallery.

On the Brisbane River

The dress made in linen wore very well on a warm summer day and I am extremely pleased with the fit.  I had hoped to show you a back shot to show my broad back alteration, but the photographer did not quite understand my request and the photo is mainly of the back of my head and shoulders - not exactly what I wanted - you will just have to take my word for it that it worked really well.

Other sewing from last year I have not blogged about is the Strawberry bag from the Burdastyle website.I made these as some little gifts for some of the women in my family.  I recommend this pattern if you you are looking for something like this.  The best thing is I used all fabrics I had in my stash.  Quilting cottons for the strawberry and a poly-cotton for the main bag  (not shown open - sorry!)  The only thing I had to purchase was the toggles.  They have been very attractively photographed here by my photographer in our strawberry patch.

Strawberry bag
Also in 2011, I crocheted an amineko cat.  I bought the pattern in Lincraft but the pattern is available for free on Ravelry.  Don't know why I crocheted this cat - but I love it!

I also love my Lulubelle - pictured here, stalking the garden on Xmas Day.
I have one more dress to show you that I made in 2011.  Hope to get back to you soon... Ciao!