Sunday, August 28, 2011

Boxers for the boys... Jalie 2326

I am trying to get organised for Xmas early this year and have decided to make as many gifts as I can.  I usually give my boys satiny boxers which they like to sleep in, but they don't like the ones with silly sayings and pictures on them, so by making them I am able to get some nice fabrics and patterns.  The fabric I used is a poly satin bought when Lincraft had a 1/2 price sale.  I have actually made 3 of these, but one pair is already in use by my DH as he was the crash test dummy in regard to fitting.  His fit well apart from some feedback about the elastic length and so I made two more - one for each of my sons.
A silver/grey pair for my eldest (the same size as DH) so I only had to cut two pattern sizes.  I chose the pattern sizes based on hip size.

They are photographed here on Diana and they hang a little crooked as Diana's stand has to go through one leg so that distorts them a bit.  I am sure they will look a little different on the boys too as they  do not have hips!   However after seeing these on Diana I am thinking I could make myself a pair as summer jammies too :)

This pair is for DS the younger.

For the elastic I found 'boxer elastic' and sewed it multiple times on the lines and I think it gives it a very RTW look.  The pattern only has you sew it at the top and bottom of the elastic.  This elastic is also soft next to the skin.

I love this pattern as it details how to do a fly.  

My only complaint about the pattern would be that the elastic size for the waistband is not specified and as I was sewing them as gifts and can't try them on the recipients I would have liked to have this information (even just as a guide).  That is why I had to give DH his as I needed to work out how to size the elastic and it seemed silly to take them back to wrap for Xmas after he had worn them!

Overall I love this pattern and my DH seems to like wearing his set.  Now if I could out what size to make for my Dad I could knock over another gift! 

I have made a skirt but because of the cool weather haven't worn it yet so haven't got a photo.. maybe next post...Ciao!


  1. They look great, Sue, very professional. My DH has been after me for years to make some for him, but I think I must be channeling my inner Selfish Seamstress. LOL. In the event that I finally do cave, where did you find the boxer elastic? It looks like that is the way to go.

  2. These look good.

    where did you get the boxer elastic? I just bought pants using that elastic and it is very comfortable.

  3. These look so nicely made and a good pattern as well. I often measure the waist of whoever I'm making boxers or PJ's for so I get the elastic right for their comfort.
    It would be nice if they would tell you for what size cm waist circumference how long to cut your elastic if you wanted to make them for gifts though, wouldn't it?

  4. These look great - I'll have to look out for some Boxer Elastic.

  5. These look great. I like the elastic detail~very professional looking.

  6. Very nice! That print is especially good for boxers, and your elastic adds is perfect.

  7. Those look fantastic - you've given me some great ideas for my boys. Off to find boxer elastic...

  8. Way to go on getting started early on your Christmas gifts. These look very nice and very well made. Your boys should love them.

  9. Ack! Another Jalie I'll need to get, thanks to you and your great work!

  10. I use the Timberlane Press boxer pattern, and it gives elastic lengths for the various waist sizes. As the elastic stretches quite a bit when sewn in place in the channels I really appreciated the guidance. Will try to remember to look when I get home, but if I forget nudge me at my blog.

    In the States, I actually found the boxer elastic at Joann, though it was a nice big Joann near my parents in Texas, not the teeny one near me in DC.


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