Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Summer top ... Vogue 9109

I made this top about two months ago but getting the photos is always the hard part.  Finally snapped some while at work the other day.  Still not great, but better than no blog post.

Very Easy Vogue 9109 made in a rayon from Spotlight.  I bought this pattern from Spotlight when they had a buy 3 patterns for $x sale.  I liked the Tessuti Ruby and had planned to buy it, but I needed one more pattern to get the discount.

The pattern is an easy make.  The only alteration I made was to drop the bust dart about an inch.  I like these patterns made for different bust sizes, not much alteration is required if you choose the right size.  

Excuse the crumples.  These photos were taken at the office.  In a perfect blog world I would get the photos taken when I first put it on.  The odd thing is that in real life the crumples aren't that bad, but the camera seems to emphasize them.

The back neck slit was supposed to have a hook and eye but I prefer the look of a button and loop.  I made a sewn thread loop.  

In summary, a sweet top that isn't hard to make.  I don't think it has as much "swing" as the Ruby, but still a lovely style.  I like that I can wear it on the week-ends or to the office.  

Autumn is settling in now so it won't get worn a lot so it is probably good that I got my photos when I did.

I also have made some more zipper bags for my Etsy shop.  Mainly made from remnant fabrics, the black is a lovely cotton I made a shirt for my son.  I have attached a charm as a zipper pull.  This one says "Me vs Me".  It would be great for a gym bag.

The blue print linen is a remnant from a second Ottobre pieced linen dress which I don't seem to have blogged about (like this one).

I plan to blog again soon with a Stylearc Mariln dress I made to attend the Brisbane Spoolettes High Tea... Ciao kittens.  

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Wrist wraps...

Hey guys,  You may have noticed I have changed my header to "Susy Sew and Sew"...  It is to keep it in line with my little Etsy shop.  I hope you don't mind the change.  :)

I wanted do something a little different in this post and instead of the usual show and tell I give you about my clothes sewing, I thought I would talk to you today about wrist wraps.   I never knew these things existed before I started Crossfit, so I thought you might be curious to know a bit more about them.   I use them in my training and I love the little bit of extra support they provide in all sorts of movements - lifting, body weight moves, gymnastics type moves, etc...

The wrap is basically a long rectangle of fabric with a tie at one end.

It can be loosened or tightened by simply twisting the wrap toward or away from the tie.   There are plenty of youtube clips to show you how to put them on and tighten them, like this one.   I love that even if they are loose in the middle of a workout, they can be quickly tightened to give some support when you need it.

If you want to make your own wraps there are tutorials on line as well.  This is similar to how I made mine -  wrist wrap tutorial.   They would make a great gift for any Crossfitters in your life, but I do have some available in my shop if your not keen to make your own.  Yep I love them so much I had to make more...