Sunday, December 20, 2009

Burda Style 12-2009-122 skirt - photo shoot

The skirt is finished :) and the beach holiday is over :(

I am really happy with the skirt - happier than I look in this photo!

Here is the front closer up - you do get a fish-tail look from the front as the flounce starts from the front and the denim does hold it out, but I think the corduroy they suggest would do the same - at least it does in their picture.

Back of the skirt...
With the flounce and the pockets on an angle, I think it gives a nice curvy shape - I need all the help I can get!

The only changes I made were to leave off the welt pockets on the front and to use the Sandra Betzina fly tutorial and then I bodgied adding a fly shield. I need to perfect that and will try Mary Nanna's tutorial next time.

Dawn has also made this skirt and posted photos here. It is similar with the flounce, but Dawn has added weights to minimise the fishtail look.

I used a quilting cotton for the inside waistband. My top stitching went beautifully until this point but you can see some wonky stitching on the inside here.
Well, I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and New Year! I hope to have time to sew (like real, bulk time) in the new year so I plan to post more successful (*!!??) sewing then!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Burda Style 12-2009-122 skirt - a work in progress

I have finished the McCalls top from my last post but have just washed it, so have no photos to show as yet.

I decided I desperately need more casual clothes, so first up, a denim skirt was in order. I had some denim at home bought to make jeans but I really would use a skirt more right now so decided to use it for that instead. I have a piece left which I am thinking may make a good slouchy bag.

The pattern I chose was from this month's Burda Style (bwof) 12-2009-122. There are some lovely items in this issue and I thought this skirt looked a bit of fun.

There's was made with a pin-waled corduroy, but because of the styling I though it would be lovely in denim too.

From the magazine - 'This short skirt of comfortable pin-waled corduroy sports jeans styling with flat-felled seams, slanted front pockets, and seat pockets. A semi-circular panel set into the back adds shape and room to move. '

I have not finished it but felt I made good progress today. Next week-end I hope I get time to finish it as I will be on holiday at the beach the week after that and really want to take it with me.

I have yet to finish the top stitching of the back flounce seam (ran out of top-stitch thread - I hope I can get this same thread, as I have had it in my cupboard awhile). I also need to add the waistband and stitch the hem.

Here is the front (I think it fits me better than Diana)...

I used the fly instructions from Threads by Sandra Betzina. I have never really made a fly I was happy with so I thought these instructions are great and I am adding the link to my sidebar so I can find it easily again. I did make a trial first to work it out as I also wanted to add a shield as the zip is a metal one and I don't want to pinch skin!

Side front....

I didn't add the welt pockets to the front. Because I am on a time-line I decided to leave them off. I was also concerned the fabric was a tad too heavy and would show pocket lines when I went to press it.

and side-back

Once the top stitching is done on the flounce seam it will be a really cute feature I think.

I am away in Brisbane this week on a training course and so hope to finish this next week-end and maybe I will show a photo shoot of my new McCall's tunic and this skirt taken at the beautiful beach resort we are going to for our holiday.

Have a good week....