Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gym Top! Burdastyle 07-2010-115

Another gym top - this time, one I do actually wear to the gym!  

 Burdastyle 07-2010-115 - not intended as a gym top, but I thought it might work (and it does!)

The fabric is a technical jersey from Gorgeous fabrics .  A really pretty blue and has a self stripe with little vented holes so comfortable to wear in a workout.  Again I have my dark blue crop underneath so it shows it is quite low at the front, but echoes the crop top's lines so I like the way it layers.

The back is cute but fits my dressmaking dummy better than me - too much weight training???
Anyway I am wondering how I could alter this to lose the creases under the arms.  Perhaps a wedge added to the top at each side?

This top, while not intended as work-out wear suits me well for this purpose.  It is quite comfortable to wear to the gym.  I have worn it to boxing classes as well as to weight train in.  I wouldn't mind adding a little to the length if I made another one and I may see if I can work out how to get rid of the creases caused by the broadness of my back at arm height.

I followed the pattern and found the use of the vilene bias tape on the upper edges of the top and straps to make the construction quick and painless.  I was lucky to find I had some, but it did use up the roll so I will have to get more before I try this top again.

I am going to review this pattern and link it here.  Does anyone have any favorite patterns for workout wear??  I would love to hear about them... Ciao for now!


  1. I cut my shirts with extra width at the underarms on the back only, grading back to a size or 2 smaller at the waist. This seems to accommodate those lat muscles. You will need to add the same amount to sleeves, if your top has them.

    Looks good. I'm sure you;ll make plenty more of these. What is the composition of your technical fabrics?

  2. What an adventurous seamstress you are - and I tell ya, I'm totally following this vicariously because I have NO need for sportswear! No problems with accomodation muscles in this department..

    .. gosh you do have such clear 'spring' colouring though - those warm aquas and canary yellows look wonderul on you.

  3. Your last two tops look great .. both colours look great on you. Where do you get that vilene tape from - around here?

  4. I blame my broad back adjustment on too many pushups. The lats really do require a lot of room!

  5. I wish I had a pattern or two to recommend. The problems I have with my gym tops is that the racer back causes discomfort along my neck and prefer regular strap tops.

  6. It looks excellent.
    I have not had much luck with patterns for exercise wear. I cut up an old worn out favourite Nike running top and use it for a pattern - highish neck, covers the bra straps, no underarm seams. Quite boring really!


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