Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Another pair of pants Burdastyle 04-2011-117 again

I made my first pair of Burda 04-21011-117 in this post.  They were essentially a wearable muslin, and they work so I made another pair.  This time in a wool tweed from Gorgeous Fabrics.    I wear these pants a lot as they are warm and comfortable. 

These photos are taken after a day at work so please excuse wrinkles.

The obligatory back shot.  I do get some wrinkles, but am not sure it means anything.  Anyone better at fitting pants please chime in!

The pocket I forgot to show last time.  This time I used a rayon lining fabric to make the pocket bag and the pocket has no 'line' that shows through.

The petersham waistband.  This is easy to apply and comfortable to wear but it does assume you wear tops over the top (not tucked).

Overall a good pattern, if you like the narrow leg style.  I do believe I need to make one adjustment if I make these again - a front muscular thigh adjustment, which basically splits the front pattern and adds some width at the thigh.  It does feel like it pulls a little here and I will be interested to see how it affects pair no 3. when  (if) I get around to making them.  Review link is here.

Parting shot ... Lulu inspecting the work done in the new kitchen...


  1. I love those pants and they fit you great!!! Your kitty is adorable--I love kitties.

  2. Love cats and those pants are great!

  3. Your pants fit great. I don;t think the wrinkles in the back are any concern. I think you did a great job.

    As for the cat . . . my cats sleep in the sink (particilarly in the bathroom) when it gets hot. I figure it is a cool spot to be. Of course, I have two cats and sometimes they both want to be in the same sink- so the fur flys!


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