Sunday, August 14, 2011

Some photos of finished projects...

 I have made a couple of more things I have not reviewed and do not intend to review.  However I did get some photos last time my camera man was available.  

The top is a Marcy Tilton pattern 8636.    This pattern was gifted by a mate - thanks Lynn!   I made it with a knitwit mesh called Italian Animal Fantasy Mesh ( no 4 in this link.)  I backed the main body pieces in a chocolate brown jersey I bought on sale once and wondered how I would use.  I like this top - Have not been able to wear it yet, with the cold weather but look forward to the chance! :)

The skirt is a lovely black matt rayon jersey bought from Gorgeous Fabrics. The pattern is from Style Arc - the Fay pattern.  Very simple - easy to make, could be a little shorter for me - maybe next time.  It has an interesting 'bag-out' hem - fabric doubled over to create the hem.  This works as it means you can make the skirt from a light weight fabric as it is doubled over.

 Then crochet - a beanie made for my Dad... ravelry link here.

And another beret - this time for my Mum in an alpaca blend...

Ciao for now - next up skirts for Spring...


  1. I love that Marcy Tilton top - and the Fay skirt looks great as well. Nice crochet!

  2. Loving the beret, Sue.

  3. Sorry! It's me, Steph, not Raye!

  4. Great outfit, it looks very elegant. Cute hats, making them it is quick, easy and satisfying!

  5. I've never sewn with mesh - I see lovely prints and always shy away from it. I may just give it a go now. I love the crocheted beret. I've been knitting berets from a Jo Sharp pattern - they take one ball of yarn and one night to knit. I have them in every colour I can find! Now I want one like yours ...

  6. I like the outfit--a nice transitional look into Fall (NOT that I am ready for Fall). Great hats!

  7. Very pretty outfit. I really love the mesh top. What a fantastic print. The crocheted caps are so cute!


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