Saturday, March 23, 2013

Wardrobe Capsule - item 1 - stripey top

I have sewed two items from my planned wardrobe capsule, however one has ended up in the bin. 

The planned camel ponti skirt was supposed to be a simple tube skirt, but the rayon blend ponti in a light colour showed every lump and bump.  I tried to add a lining but had more problems... was not worth spending any more time on it.

Since then a success - the cream brown stripe boat neck top.  I used my TNT Burda 02-2009-108.  The fabric was a rayon blend (I think) marked as a Japanese fabric from Spotlight.  The quality is lovely, however the fabric has a very strong recovery and it pulls up a little at the sleeve head.  

I am not sure if I made this top again from a strong fabric like this, maybe I should add a bit more width to the shoulders. 

This top has fit right into my current wardrobe.  Love it when that happens.  I also love that it coordinates with my Jalie vest.  The wool jersey vest I made last year and love to wear but it's strong colour has made it a bit of an orphan.  Now I feel it has found a top that can handle the colour.

I have worn this top twice now and just pulled it off the washing line.  I found it had found a friend.  A striped moth thought my top was the perfect camouflage...

Every time I tried to shoo it off, it just flew right back.  Anyway more knitting in my next post and hopefully a shirt for my eldest will be finished soon as well... Ciao!   

Monday, March 18, 2013

Knitting... honey cowl

I have learnt circular knitting my making the honey cowl and my Ravelry entry is here for those who use Ravelry.

I made it in a beautiful Noro yarn that was gifted to me and apart from being a joy to work with those gorgeous colours, the cowl has a beautiful drape.  I am very happy with it and can see it being used a lot this winter... especially when the day needs a shot of happy colour.  Photos are all that is left...

Cowl wrapped twice...

Left long...

A first - circular knitting...

and a close-up of the lovely pattern and yarn...


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Playing with yarn...

Since the holiday to Kingfisher Bay Resort my sewing mojo has really flown out the window.  I did get all enthused and made up a little wardrobe capsule plan to move my wardrobe into the cooler weather, but have only managed one piece from it so far (which still requires some work). 

I loved my little capsule of clothes I made for the holiday and loved how everything coordinated so well together, so I do think the capsule idea is worth pursuing.  I will show you my capsule plan here, but please don't expect to see all these pieces turn up any time too soon :)

What have I been doing instead of sewing... playing with yarn.  During our holiday it rained a bit, so I had one afternoon and a ferry boat ride to start crocheting...

This is a Jenny King pattern - the marigold bolero and the pattern is really well written ... up until the last round.  I think JK ran out of steam at the point, but I put a question up on a forum on Ravelry and got a reply the next morning from Jenny herself.  You can't ask for better service than that!

I must have had a brain snap with crocheting on holidays and my motifs came out too small (when I thought I had measured them) so once again my bolero looks a little smaller than the one on the pattern, but after some steam blocking I am happy enough with the fit.

I am on ravelry as quiltsewsewsue so please friend me there if you use this great site.

Since then I have got bitten by the knitting bug.  I have left many comments on people's posts about their knitting, wishing I could knit the great garments they make and have decided that now is the time.  The Internet is a great resource and via YouTube and craftsy's class Knit Lab I am making progress on the knitting front also.  I highly recommend this class if anyone is looking to learn to knit BTW.

Pictures of my knitting next time... Ciao!