Saturday, March 29, 2008


Well, the girls & I went on a road trip today down the hill to Bris-vegas (yes, I know its corny!) to attend 2QAQ's first meeting. We had a great day! Di, Caity & I don't seem to run out of topics of serious discussion and we tried to educate Di today about the benefits of Paul McDermott's version of the "I'll throw my arms around you / kiss you in 4 places" song - (help me out Caity - you probably know it's proper name!) Anyway after visiting the Auchenflower shop, we ran out of time to have a proper 'latte and lunch' lunch and had to endure lunch at Greenslopes bowls Club, apart from the beer, not to be recommended! The meeting was really interesting and has inspired me back to quilting. I will definitely start on the journal quilting and think about the art quilt for the juried art quilt show. With an OS trip in the middle of the year, I find it hard to plan for something like this, but I feel it is the road I need to take! The fact that the show is juried is scary but good because it means you really need to challenge yourself. The people at the meeting were very welcoming and it was great to meet some new people, like Linda from the Netherlands and Suzie. Sue Dennis chaired the meeting and was very welcoming and very self-effacing (is that a word?) . My main memory about Sue Dennis is that she was chosen by my husband for Viewer's Choice at the Sunnybank Quilters Quilt Show over a year ago now. He was very taken with her rusty nails thang. I loved it as well but admit to choosing a quilt which showcased original 1930's fabric as my viewer's choice - I am not sure who won it.
I told hubby when I got home that he could take eldest son to his party of choice tonight as I had already driven to Brisbane & back today, but when said-son was read to go, the scrap-heap challenge was on TV, so he could not drag himself away - so I did the honours! It was funny as we had difficulty finding the house number in the dark, but the one we thought it was had balloons tied to the front gate, so we knew it was the right place. No-1-son would not allow me to tie balloons onto our front gate when he had his 18th! Then I had to deal with the 'is this Kenny's party?' enquiries when the party was on! - you've gottta laugh!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Favorite song of the mo...

I have had such an up and down day - I was looking forward to a quiet start to the day - walking the dog, putting on a load of washing.... lo & behold ... it's raining & pouring... soooo... plan B... have to go to work, buutttt how about I spend some time blogging and reading blogs before I go - get home from dropping Mr D at school - No 1 boy is on the computer - firmly ensconced! How I would love to stay home & sew but I have to get to work so I go.... all day at work - frustrations - lots of new guys ... lovely people but don't understand Autocad and why we have systems we work within... finish work at 4:45pm (after thinking I may get away with a short day)... grocery shop... come home... argue with hubby because something I want on the computer has been backed up onto an external drive which he has taken to the office - (why I am the last person considered in all this? - do I need to get my own computer? - obviously!)

Anyway now that I have that off my chest, my most favourite song of the moment is this one -(Put your records on). I heard it at my Body step class - the cool down/stretch track - had to find it (why do I feel I am typing like I am manic - perhaps because I am). Anyway tried to find it in itunes, however they don't have the real deal, so I have downloaded it from the Corrine Bailey Rae fan website .

Monday, March 24, 2008

Tip of the Day

Happy Easter - I hope the Easter Bunny found its way to your home! We spent a few days at my Mum & Dad's and, of course, they had Easter Eggs out & I had more than I should have (they were probably meant for the kids... never mind!) We also had a Kenny family lunch on the Kookaburra Queen. It was a lovely day and nice to see everyone - only one brother missing - he was in Gayndah attending another family function.
My latest discovery in the sewing world - use your walking foot on the stretchy fabrics! Why didn't I think of it earlier? I have been making the top listed in this earlier posting and was having difficulty with the stretchy fabric - light bulb moment! It has made it so easy that I have spent most of the week-end looking forward to getting home to finish the top - only the sleeves to go.
I have also finished the skirt we were making in the class, so now I have one new dress, two skirts and a top with no arms!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Lazy Monday...

I had a really lazy Monday morning (at least for one hour?) I did get up early and drop Sean off at work, but after 8 am everyone else had also left for the day, so I had a morning to read blogs, read the newspaper, etc until I needed to leave for gym at 9 am. What bliss having the house to myself and nothing urgent that needed doing... hasn't happened for a long time.

I finished my skirt today. The photo of it on the hanger does not look like much but I hope it looks finished. I even put in an invisible zipper. The yoke lining gave me some problems but mainly because I didn't follow the instructions properly. It is not perfect but I won't list the wrong bits, but be happy it is finished and I may even wear it tomorrow.
I have started on this pattern next. I am making variation C with the long sleeves in a plain black fabric. I am hoping it will go with the new skirt .
I am quite surprised at how much I am enjoying making clothes again. Certainly they still are issues and areas I need to learn more - but I feel more relaxed about the whole process. I think through quilting I have become more confident about things like needles, threads, using the machine, etc.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Snow Fall in Toowoomba

If I was the editor of the Chronicle that is what I would have as tomorrow's headline. I can't stop the smug smile on my face today to see that not only did Snow not win but he was resoundedly told where to get off! Less than 8,000 votes - muhaw, haw, haw! It has absolutely made my day. The ones who voted him into Council last time on the poo water stand must have realised how bl***dy hopeless he really is! All that posturing and libelous statements and NO results - I am so glad that good sense prevailed. I would have been happy if either of the other two candidates got in, anybody is better than old Fabian! Yesterday's ad in the Chronicle run by Clive on behalf of Snow was worth a laugh. The picture of Clive was bigger than the picture of Snow... hmmmm, I wonder who Clive is really trying to promote. Snigger... let's hope that the rest of the Council will be worthy candidates also.

Strip party yesterday was heaps of fun. These are the blocks I have made so far:

It is really liberating, to not try and match colours,etc - even though I must admit occasionally a bit of that happens. I liked the blocks best which were random. A few people themed their colours - I did not really go for the 'brights' or the 'pastels' but understand what they were trying to achieve. I like the colours mixed and occasionally a bright goes in there and gives the block some sparkle (good word that 'sparkle'). For all that though, I did like Joan's green and blue colourway, Yvonne's random but with the same corner (end) strips on each block, and Di's light/dark variation.

Anyway I am going to get on with clothes sewing today. I am feeling 'Mother Earth' again and have already visited the local markets to get some free range eggs, vegetables and fruit and most importantly some of Aunty Vi's marmalade. I love her Seville Orange marmalade but was told that the seveille oranges are not ripe yet - they grow their own citrus and make the marmalade from that on an Orchard at Applethorpe (near Stanthorpe). The marmalade always has a perfect consistency and a lovely tang. Anyway I had to settle on Three Fruit marmalade today - its still lovely (on my home made bread). I have also made the Spicy Zucchini cake that my friend Fay provided the recipe for (using my own home grown zucchini), so the kitchen smells divine!

Friday, March 14, 2008

An early start

Now that Sean is working, the only drawback is that he has to be at work by 7:30am. Sometimes Brian needs to go into work this early, but sometimes he would like to go to Gym before work, so I have been sucked into dropping Sean off... which means getting up and getting dressed early - I think it is more the getting dressed part - I love lounging around in my PJ's in the morning, puddling about and drinking cups of tea. Sean is starting to realise what a pain it is to be dependent on us for lifts though, as he had to wait for me yesterday afternoon as I was in my sewing class when he finished work. He could ride his bike or walk, but as he is still getting used to the new routine I feel a bit mean to insist he does that. Also as the seasons change, the sun is going to come up later & later. He can take the bus home but (of course) he tells us he hasn't enough cash for that! The joys! One good thing is that so far he is getting himself up & organised, so I don't have to be the ogre behind the door waking him up.
Just checked my eBay - lots of watchers, no bids. I hate that as having lots of watchers means nothing until they place a bid. Why would you not bid on an item marked at 99c and 50c postage? What have you got to lose?
I enjoyed my sewing class yesterday but had heaps of frustrations trying to use top-stitching thread in my Bernina. I didn't expect to have problems as all the other threads I have sewn with have been fine. After very frustrating interactions with Sew Handy (not!), I found out you have to crawl at the slowest speed on the machine and lengthen the stitch length to above 4. Now they could have told us these things on the phone, but no, we (Felicity from Gardams & I) were treated like pond scum while it was explained to us how very stupid we were and I was forced to carry my machine back to the shop to be told to increase stitch length to 4 and run on the slowest stitching speed. At least by then she was a bit more polite, after all I did spend $2500 in their shop - however in the scheme of the expensive machines they sell, I think they think that is nothing much! They were quite rude to Felicity however and you would think it would be in their best interests for a sewing machine shop to foster a good relationship with a fabric shop, when so close together! Duh?
I can't wait to get back to sewing my skirts. Felicity gave a very clear demonstration on how to sew an invisible zip and I am chaffing at the bit to try it. However gym & work call today, strip party tomorrow... last night we went out for dinner to celebrate Sean having a job and he was quite happy & talkative even though he had dramas with his mobile phone earlier and had acted like the world as we know it was at an end! However we sorted all that, and I lent him my phone until his is working again and he was all smiles... now he owes me, but he hasn't thought that through yet... perhaps vacuuming might be on the agenda?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I have finished the dress. Mr D took this photo so I look a bit austere in it as he doesn't give warning when he is going to snap - of course Coco had to be in the photo also. I can't believe how much I am looking like my Mum and like my Grandma!

I have had such a quiet day today as I didn't need to go to work and Sean has been out all day at his first day of work. He is going to be a tired little chicken tonight! I have spent the day preparing for the Strip party, hemming the dress and listing some items on eBay - I didn't know when I was going to get around to that, but with no-one else hogging the computer all day I have been able to get it done. I am trying the SS challenge to sell 10 unused items and make $100. I have listed about 6 items but they are all small things so I think I will be lucky if I make $10. Anyway I will keep decluttering and try more items if these do alright.
I am quite happy with the dress - the sizing is right. The only problem is that the neckline drops below the scar I received when I had a BCC cut out last November. Never mind - I may have to do as Di did in a similar situation and find a necklace with a dohickey on it which will help cover the scar!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fruit & veg

I had a good day - make it excellent! While at Quilters having a lovely time, No 1 son (no 1 in birth order - both are great boys!) called to say he had been offered a job and needed to go down & meet the people at his workplace that afternoon. Now, it is just in fruit & veg retail but for a good local company in a great location (ie close to my & Hubby's work place ) and it is his first ever job (except for being a portrait model, which apart from being able to sit still doesn't require a lot of skill!) It will be good for him on so many levels - the routine will be great - it is a casual position which means the same start time every day but finish anytime in the afternoon - but that is so much better than the sleep to late, play x-box routine! Plus a great morale booster - he is a great kid and even though I am biased (totally) I have actually been taken aside by two separate art tutors who have made the effort to tell me what a great person he is. So it is validation for him that an employer has seen the potential in him also. (***Spit noises to TCC who couldn't see it *****) The other good thing is that it starts tomorrow so there is no sitting around waiting for the job to start. Yeeaaay!!! he has started on his working life/ independent journey and I am so pleased for him!
I did end up leaving Quilters earlier than I had planned, but all for a good cause. Anyway to partake of the strip party this week-end I needed to purchase some batting, so I was able to do that while up town. I have also started preparing the fabric I needed this afternoon as I work the next couple of days and was thinking I would not be able to get myself organised, leaving early has given me the opportunity to start preparing .

Quilters was also a great time to pick some sewers brains. We have some terrific clothes-sewers ('clothes -sewers' is a total understatement - couturiers to super experienced people who are able to take on challenging outfits). I have made this pattern up in this fabric, which is a lovely slinky jersey-type fabric, but I wasn't sure how to tackle the hem. Good to be able to pick some brains - I have some ideas now. (PS I made the longer-sleeved, cowl (spelling?) neck variation)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Second Class

Today we had our second lesson on skirt making and got to pin on the pattern and work out how to make it fit to us. We also cut out the fabric and the lining fabric. Next week onto the machine! I also got some advice on the other skirt I am making so can't wait for the week-end to cut that one out. Toooo tired tonight to think about it. Busy day tomorrow also.

On the frugal front the month is not off to a great start - the vacuum cleaner refuses to go, so it will probably mean a visit to the vacuum cleaner shop this week-end. I have also completely run out of moisturisers -- eek! -- how's a girl to cope! I will need to go and buy those also. The only good note is I did see some I like on special at the Health Food shop the other day. However I have been resisting buying coffees and lunches on the whole (bought my lunch today as I could not stand the thought of another lunch of lentil soup - nice at it is). On the wine front - the down side is we have had some most nights - up-side they have some really nice clean skin reds at Uncle Dan's at the moment for $4 a bottle.

Monday, March 3, 2008

No spend March

Well I have been a member of the Simple Savings website for ages and have put some of their tips into practice but as Hubby and I have totally over committed ourselves by planning a trip this year (right after a trip last year) we have decided to do a No Spend March. No unnecesarry spending - essentials only... hummmm.... I have agreed to meet for coffee at lunch time today with some other committee members to coordinate the calender of events for this year with our new Workshop Coordinator... not off to a good start. The wine rack is also empty - is wine a neccessity? At 6:00pm when I am preparing dinner it certainly feels like it - this will be interesting!
I am also planning to buy a magazine but will use my little quilting/sanity account money for that. I have decided I can't live without the latest Vogue Pattern magazine which has an article on how to dress for your body type!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Carried away...

Phew... yesterday was AGM, Management Meeting and Dancing Beijing Award day... what a big day at Quilters... exhausted last night!

Today I had planned to participate in the Peak to Park but was too tired to get out of bed as early as required, maybe next year?

So anyway I looked through the skirt sewing stuff and prepared the pattern for the second skirt I bought (oops!) This is the pattern for the second skirt I plan to make.

I fell in love with this fabric in the shop and had to have it! However one of the other class participants gazumped me on the day and I could not bring myself to make the same skirt with the same fabric as another person, so went back and got this fabric the next day and bought another pattern.

I am not making the variation with the gathered skirt but the other one - not sure what the style is called! Anyway I am hoping it will cement the lessons in my mind by doing another skirt at the same time... plus I will end up with two yummy skirts (that's the plan anyway... we will see how it goes!)