Saturday, August 11, 2012

A bag to match the shoes...

I have a lovely pair of shoes that are comfortable and cute but hard to match to the wardrobe.  I decided if I had a bag that went with them there would be more chance of them being worn.  I am not sure how I found it as I don't shop Etsy much but I came across a lovely bag pattern from a 'shop' called Charlies Aunt. 

It is a pdf download so the pattern was easy to get, but then I needed to assemble the requirements.  I wanted a cream coloured bag and I would have liked one in a nice textured fabric like a wool as pictured on the pattern, but did not have much luck finding that so I ended up with a really heavyweight calico for the bag outer.  I also needed to get a magnetic bag closure and the interfacings.  I used a stash quilting cotton for the lining fabric.

They recommend a quilted calico to interface the main body of the bag, but do offer alternatives.  I was lucky enough to find some at Spotlight and I also bought some heavy interfacing to put behind the magnetic closures.

I found the instructions pretty helpful.  They have a general section on bag making basics, like attaching the magnetic closures and using sew-in interfacing.  It took a few weeks of hunting about to get the bits and pieces but only an afternoon to sew.  I think this is a good pattern for a bag making beginner.

They recommend a leather hole punch to make the holes in all the layers to attach the magnetic bag closures, but I used my new Clover buttonhole chisel and found it worked really well.  I have to say if you don't have a buttonhole chisel, consider getting one.  My buttonholes have never looked so good!

This is the finished bag complete with bow.  

They use fusible interfacing on the bag flap and I only had a lightweight one, but I ironed on two layers and it has provided the stability needed.

The inside of the bag has one pocket which is probably enough for a clutch.

A closeup of my label in the bag...

And finally a shot with the shoes.  What do you think?  Do they work together?

I would love to use this pattern again and I have some scraps of black wool I am considering using to make a bag but without the bow and with some other embellishment.

I am entering this bag in the August challenge contest and the review is here for those interested.


Monday, August 6, 2012

Birdy Burda 10-2011-128

Totally got side tracked on my sewing recently when I saw someone wearing a navy, dotted bow tie blouse and a mustard cardigan.  I totally had a...I have to have one too.. moment!  I found a pattern to use Burda 10-2011-128 and then went on the hunt for dotted fabric.

Well, did not find any but found a lovely retro birdy chiffon (?) from Spotlight.  I enjoyed making the blouse but had a total brain freeze moment sewing the front seam and split.  I botched it so that basically I lost 3cm from the front piece.  It fits - but is a bit snug on my hips.  I would love to make it again just to prove to myself I am not a total klutz!  ...and because I really like it and wouldn't mind another one in a plain fabric.

The only other comment I would make about this blouse is that I should have shortened the sleeves slightly and I will do so if I make it again.  Onto the piccies...

Talk about distraction, while making the blouse I found a pattern for the vest which I showed you last post which goes with the blouse.  So my inspiration was a bow tie dotted blouse with a mustard cardigan and this is what I finished up with...

Ciao for now kittens...