Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sewing odds & bobs...

My blogging is still intermittent - blame it on the renovation?

Some sewing has happened this week-end. My eldest son is attending Uni studying Contemporary Art. For an art installation he is putting on soon, he needed a flag & asked me. to sew one... no Mum can resist sewing for their boys when they ask. So a flag was made... (flags got legs!)...

This week-end I also finally got around to making up some cami's in Jalie 2564. The fabric is (I think) a merino jersey purchased last year from the Fabric Store (for this purpose). The only changes I made was to leave off the shelf bra and the bra strap sliders (for adjustable strap length). This made it a very quick & easy make and I am very happy with the result.

I made two of these and I am looking forward to having these to wear next week as the weather has turned to Winter before it is officially Winter here! The review is here

On the shopping for sewing front... these fabrics...

The first three came in the mail and were ordered at the Knitwit Roadshow. The first is Bianca - a lovely (expensive...ouch) mercerised cotton knit in a turquoise colour. The second a mesh called Italian Animal Fantasy Mesh and the third, I am not sure of the content (I think cotton, maybe rayon??) Japanese style print. The fourth fabric was purchased the same day - another mesh on a fabulous green/khaki print from the Fabric Collection. (Hi - Vanessa - I will make it up soon!)

And on that subject, some gorgeous jersey bought previously from the Fabric Collection, made up into McCalls 5974.

This is part of my goal to make all ten patterns up from the top 10 on Pattern Review for 2010.
I will get photos modelled by me, so that I can review this great pattern (soon!)

And on the renovation front, my big excitement is that this week-end I got to move my washing machine into the house into my new laundry... bliss!