Thursday, August 22, 2013

A new song for Summer ... Linnea top Ottobre 02-2010-01

I love the idea of capsule sewing and my first capsule piece is another Linnea top. 

I made this top pattern previously in a wool jersey and loved this little top.  However I managed to mix it into the wrong load in the laundry and it washed too hot and it shrunk!  Still sulking about that one...

I have decided to start my summer sewing, even though we have just experienced a cold snap and I am in full-on winter again here!   Like I said, I love the idea of capsule sewing and also the endless combinations idea where each piece goes with the previous one, so that you never have an orphan.  For my first piece I have used a remnant piece of 'Designer Blend Bamboo Jersey' bought from Gorgeous Fabrics.  It is left over from making this top.  I bought this fabric in 2009, it is lovely but I am happy it is all used up now!  The green is not showing up accurately -  it is greener IRL (more like in these previous photos).

This top is so easy and quick to make and uses up these little pieces really well.  Two pieces, turn over hems and twin needle!  The hardest part is handling the soft fabric while twin-needling, but I use steam-a-seam lite to hold it and give it some body.  Maybe one day I will give in and buy a coverstitch machine, but for the moment this method serves me well.

The photos are shown on Diana, when I get the next few pieces made I will photograph them on me. :)  This is one I am considering sewing next, Another Ottobre from the same issue.

Ciao folks ... hope the weather is good in your part of the world... have you started sewing for the next season yet??

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Simplicity 9330 - Men's dressing gown

Sewing for others... excuse me, while I shine my halo... My Dad needed a new dressing gown (robe) and the criteria was make it warm as he really feels the cold now.  I tried on one I made many years ago for my oldest son and the only change requested was to shorten the sleeves as my Dad is not tall and has shorter limbs than those catered for in the pattern.

I bought some Coral Fleece from Lincraft on a recent sale and as lovely as the fabric feels... the fluff!  I sneezed 3 times before I got the fabric to the counter to get it cut.  When I got home I overlocked the raw edges and washed the fabric as I am sure all the dust and fluff in that store had been attracted to that roll of fabric!

3m of fabric is long, so I am glad that when we renovated our house I bought a really long dining table... a bit of a folly as mostly there is two of us sitting at it, but I do love it when the family comes for a meal... or when I need to cut 3m of fabric!

This pattern is OOP but I am sure there are new similar ones about.  A good basic robe and pj pattern.  Once you get one, you don't really need another one!

The resulting robe..

Of course, my model Diana isn't shaped like my Dad and definitely does not have his shoulders!  I put the softest side of the fabric to the inside.  

To deal with the fluffy fabric, I found I had to shake each piece out outside before dealing with it, similarly if I trimmed a seam... off outside to make a fluffy snowstorm!  I did not interface or press with the iron.  I only finger-pressed seams as I worked with them.

I found I had to put a larger needle into the sewing machine as otherwise the thread shredded.  I ended up using a denim needle and it seemed to sew fine.

The robe has inseam pockets.... I have tried to show it here by tucking in the sleeve.

The back...  obviously it should fit my Dad's shoulders a bit better!

This is an easy sew.  I am not sure it is a value for money sew particularly if you have to pay full price for the fabric.  But I am happy to make this for my Dad and it certainly is a nice, lush fabric and possibly better than some of the ones I saw in the shops.  Father's Day is at the end of this month, so I will be gifting it to him then... I hope he likes it!

Ciao.. Off to de-fluff my sewing studio and clean my machine!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

New pants - Burdastyle 02-2011-123

I have made a new pair of pants.  I bought this stretch cotton fabric from The Fabric Collection two years ago and I wish I had made them sooner.  I love this fabric and the colour is the perfect new basic colour for my wardrobe!

The pattern is Burdastyle 02-2011-123.  I did not make the front pockets but did make the back welt pocket with the addition of a button.  I used the instructions from 'Pants for Real People' for the welt pocket, but otherwise used Burda's instructions.

I actually really like their fly instructions!

The pattern adjustments I made (when I was making it) were to add 1/2" to the front inner leg (1/2" at crotch tapering to 0 at hem).  This alteration is Ala Sandra Betzina.  I make this adjustment  for my full front thigh, but I think it also helps with the pants sitting better over a belly.

After the pants were almost finished I realised I needed to take in the waistband about 1/2" each side and tapered to the hips.  A bit of a pain but the construction order of these pants made it hard to check this sizing.  I really should have made a muslin first!

After I made the pants and took these photos it became obvious that I had a jodphur-look going on at the sides.

The side seams however hang pretty straight.

So I decided it needed to be taken in at the sides at the 'jodphur' area from the back seam only. This did help.

This is to show the waistband detail...

I still have not perfected the fit but am happy that these pants are comfortable and very wearable still.  In fact I am quite thrilled with them.  Super happy with the fly and the welt pocket and the fit is getting closer to how I think pants should fit.

I love how this colour makes my wardrobe work really well and so in that interest I may have bought another similar colour from the Fabric Collection to make a skirt (most likely Burda 06/2013 121).

Along with some dark brown cotton/elastane blend for another V1247 skirt and an ivory silk/cotton blend for a floaty sleeveless shirt.

Saturday, August 10, 2013


I have been MIA from my blog for awhile as sadly my DMIL passed away recently after her last battle with the strange illness that has been dominating her life for the last four years.  It has been a hard time for the family but the funeral was lovely with over 100 people attending.  So in this time not much sewing has been happening.  

While I waited at hospitals and traveled to the funeral I did manage to finish a crocheted market bag.  My husband affectionately calls this a dilly bag and if you want more detail on the pattern you can find it on my ravelry page here.

I did start a pair of trousers in this time, but they have languished in the sewing studio for most of the month, but now that things are returning to normal I have spent today finishing the alterations they needed and hemming them.

I do need to wash them before I can photograph them properly as I think Lulu may have been using them for a bed while I wasn't looking.  So a little teaser until I can get photographs of the finished trousers... 

Ciao kittens!