Monday, October 29, 2012

Yellow skirt Burdastyle 10/2011 #102

Easily swayed!  Ages ago I had a comment on one of my posts about making a yellow skirt to go with a top I made... (I blame you Shannon! :)  So that comment has stuck with me until I was convinced I needed a yellow skirt.  CraftyMama's got in some lovely bright yellow denim and I was on my way!  I love me a good denim skirt too and wanted a fairly classic denim-styled skirt.  When the weather started warming up, the denim was pulled out and this pattern - Burdastyle 10-2011 #102 was the one I settled on.  However, looking at the pattern you will see a difference to my skirt... I added some length, then added some more... and a bit more for good measure... 

The fabric has some stretch so I got away with adding to the length - I can still walk!

Some closer shots to show you the jeans skirt styling...

The pockets are lined with a quilting cotton - the print is a subtle yellow rose print but does not show up well in the photos so you will have to use your imagination.  You can see the pocket outlines and the skirt could nearly have done with a lining as the denim is quite light-weight and the colour contributes to this affect I think.  I had never considerable lining this kind of skirt though, and it will do!

The back pocket details...

I top-stitched with an upholstery thread.

I like this skirt styled with a looser top over it...

I think it will be a good addition to my summer wardrobe.   Ciao! 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

More sweet dreams... Ottobre 05-2011-2

Thank you for your kind comments on my last post on the "fail" pants.  Amazingly I found my receipt for the fabric for these pants and on it was the threads and zip as well.  I got a full refund on these items from Spotlight (thank you Spotties) but of course I cannot be compensated for my time or the lovely piece of quilting cotton from my stash.  The lady serving me did say she would note that the fabric is defective in the hopes it would be taken off the shelves.  Not sure I have an expectation that will happen.

I have had a week's break this last week but in some quiet moments at home I have made another pair of the Ottobre Sweet Dreams boxers - previously made in this post.

I used a stretch satin again (from Lincraft).  These are a bit smaller than the last pair as I didn't seem to have enough fabric so did the best I did with the piece I had.  However the pattern I had traced is a size larger than I need so it still worked fine.  This time I followed the instructions and used picot elastic on the hemline.  Mainly because I had a length of yellow picot elastic in the stash (why??)

I made the waistband similarly to last time, in that I sewed the boxer elastic to the fabric in multiple rows of stitching and did not use the waistband facing.  The only difference was that I sewed a piece of the picot elastic onto the edge of the boxer elastic so that the picot shows at the waistband.

Next up I plan to make another bag.  I think I have been bitten by the bag bug!  Ciao! 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I have just finished a version I considered my trial version of the Hot Patterns Metropolitan Slouchy Trouser Jean. 

I think these pants worked great for a first try.  I decided against a muslin as I know the HP Marrakesh Pants fit me pretty well and these are meant to be similar.  I purchased a cotton-linen blend from Spotlight and was happy at how it washed and ironed.  The making of the pants took me quite a while - fly front, coin pockets, jeans yoke and styling.  I did quite a bit of top-stitching too... photos to show the results...  

Side pockets, coin pockets and belt loops...

Pretty quilting fabric for inside the pockets...

and inside the waistband and fly...

and the back with jeans pockets and jeans-style yoke...

I think the fit is pretty good.  The side seam lies perfectly straight and I seem to need a wider leg pant to achieve this without a large amount of alterations.  I actually took quite a bit of time to sew these pants.  In fact I think I spent more time sewing them, than their wearing life...  

Huge fabric FAIL!  Every seam has done this after one day of wear.  I do believe these pants were sized fine and had no great additional strain on the seams... so I am putting this down to buying fabric that was not designed to be sewn or worn.  

Please tell me if there is something I am missing in this, as I am seriously thinking of sending a complaint to the chain I purchased this fabric from....huruumph!  

Oh and if you have got this far into the post, can you let me know if you think it is worth making another pair - if I can find fabric worthy of the trouble! ... Ciao! 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Baby gifts.. pink ... *sigh*

I have made a few things I need to show you but due to not having photos of the items, no blog posts on them for now!  I have been busy at work as we have moved office and the weather has been very variable to say the least, so no wearing of new Summer clothes.  I actually got to wear my new black wool jacket the other day!  I didn't think I would be able to use it again until next year, but I am happy to report that on a very cold blustery day it kept me warm and cosy.

Onto things I have been able to photograph... My DSIL's daughter (from a previous marriage) recently had a baby girl.  All smiles everywhere as I have boys so I am more than happy to make a little pink gift!

I used a bib pattern from Nicole Mallalieu.  A download - so no wait and I love the cute 50's styling and the fact that it is a useful bib as baby should not be able to pull it off. 

I pulled a couple of fabrics out from the quilting stash and this is what I managed to sew.... (I wanted to photograph it on a stuffed toy, but my teddy bear (now almost 50 years old) does not have enough stuffing and my boys' old baby toys are not much better!)

I used an old hand towel to back the bib.  I made the stripey binding from a fabric which coordinated with the main fabric.

My thoughts on this pattern:
  • fabulous instructions.  If you were a beginner sewist and wanted to try binding this is a great project with excellent instructions.  The pattern comes with 6 pages of detailed instructions!
  • you can either use purchased bias binding or make your own.  Nicole gives the length needed if you make your own and it is spot-on.  I had none left!
  • I would love it if this pattern came in more than one size.  This would be a great bib/apron for a toddler.
If you are looking for a baby gift this is a great pattern.  I am loving the fact that I know of someone else having a baby soon so I get another crack at this pattern and using great funky fabrics.  I only have to wait and see if the next one will be a boy or a girl! 

Ciao folks!... I am on holidays next week so I hope to get photos of my new clothes (if the weather plays nice!)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

New Look Dress 6097 - SSS...Snakeskin!

I have seen a few versions of this dress in sewing internet land and have been very impressed everytime I see it.  So of course, I had to join the bandwagon.... and it was worth it - a great pattern!

I made it up in knit purchased from Bargain Box in Ipswich bought in July 2010.  This feels like what Knitwit calls a dry handle knit.  It was lovely to work with and lovely to wear.  I didn't really realise that the 'stripes' were going to go across my body until I started cutting it, so I matched side seams and pocket areas.  Perhaps too well as the pockets are hard to see!

This is a Project Runway pattern and is actually true to size.  I made a size 12 at the top and a size 14 for the skirt part.  I might have got away with a 12 but I didn't want it too tight.  

The faux wrap is brilliant with no gaping and this is a really easy to wear and like dress.  

I did make the belt using an op shop belt buckle find, but didn't like it on me.  I think the print is too busy for it and I needed a belt to help define my waist.  I am still considering it though.  It is a lot longer than the one pictured on the pattern and I am wondering if I should shorten it or just not bother as I am not sure I will wear it anyway.

I plan to make the other version in Autumn - I love the look of the sleeves with tabs and collar.

Review is here for those interested.... Ciao!