Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Back to our regular scheduled programming... sewing for ME!

After making togs for the boys I was in the mood to make some for me - Kwik Sew 3330.  I had a fabric bought at Spotlight but marked as Seafolly which had a border print running along each edge (selvage).  I made View B (without the applique) and cut the contrast band for the pants and the straps for the top out of the border print and the rest from the body of the fabric.  It did mean I was cutting some pieces the 'wrong' way but there seemed to be little difference in the stretch either way and it does not seem to have affected the wearability of the swimsuit.

I am happy with how these have come out and particularly love the pants.  They are fully lined and fit really well, holding everything in they should.  In fact, so comfortable that I considered taking a photo to share of me wearing them, then good sense prevailed!

I did have some trouble with my machine skipping stitches when I was making the top so changed the needle.  This made no difference so I went through the whole thing, cleaning, re-threading and another new needle and it did seem to resolve after that.  Sometimes it is the simple things that help.  :)

The review is here  for those interested.

Next up on the list was some lace knickers.  I had bought the stretch lace ages ago and decided it had aged enough in the stash.  After seeing a good review for the Burdastyle Tanga pants I used this pattern.  I found the video demonstrating how they are made - here.

I am very happy with them.  My only negative comment is that they are sized XS-S-M-L, but there is no reference to indicate what size they correspond to.  I made the small size but could have made XS after comparing them to some RTW I had.

I made the first pair from the apricot lace and managed to muff the CF seam so it wasn't nice and even.  To hide it I sewed a little lace flower to cover it.

The mint green pair came out much better, but I like the idea of easily recognising the back from the front so I sewed a little bow to the front CF seam of this pair.


Now you know more about me that you wanted to know... it is all in the interests of sewing... Ciao!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sewing for others...

I have sort of taken a leaf out of Mary Nanna's book (blog?) and have done a little sewing for others this month.  I only made one dress last month trying to follow the Frocktober theme, but I did enjoy following the theme :)

I have made two pair of trunks from Kwik Sew 2881Trunks is what KS call them, we have many other names for them in Australia, I shall refer to them as Speedos

 I made a pair for DH and one as Xmas gift for my youngest son.  He likes to wear them under his boardies, DH is old enough that he wears them as is in public.  That's what happens when you grow up with them!

Also in the interests of modesty I have only got pictures of them lying on a table.  Did you like how I styled the picture?  This is the first one I took

It actually shows it quite well.  I haven't got much to say as it is a pretty straightforward pattern to sew and the instructions were good.  I did read the general KS tips on how to sew togs and found it quite helpful.  I followed the instruction on sewing the front of the leg without stretching the elastic and then stretching the rest of the elastic to fit the back of the leg. 

DH has tried his on and declared them comfortable.  He did say the elastic was snug, but I believe that is because the old pair he has been using are cactus and the elastic is totally shot in them!  It probably felt quite different to the old ones.  They looked very similar to the old RTW ones (but not stretched out of shape and worn out!)

Not much else to say on the pattern - I recommend it if you are wanting to make a pair for one of the men in your life.

And to make this post a little more interesting I leave you with a photo from when we went camping last month.  This possum was very cheeky and broke into our rubbish bag while we were sitting around the fire.  We would normally hide the rubbish over night, but weren't thinking one would come up while we were about.  It is licking out a used headache tablet sleeve that had been doused in oil from a dip we threw away.

Ciao possums!