Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wardrobe Contest 2015 - piece 4 ... almost

I apologise for the break in transmission, I seemed to have dropped out of the blogosphere once again... anyway a very quick catch-up post.

I was on a roll with my wardrobe contest entry and my fourth piece was another Burdastyle blouse 06/2013-119  However I decided to play with this one.  I added some pin-tucking to the front and that took a little playing with the fabric.  I also choose to use more feet in my collection and made flat-fell seams.  This also added time to the make.  Anyway this is as far as I got before stalling.

As you can see no buttons or buttonholes.  Also the sleeves have been basted in but I am not happy with them so will be re-doing them.

So why the wardrobe contest entry fail?  Well I had sewing that became a bit more important.  I am going to a ball this week-end and needed a new frock.  So I have been making muslins madly and after quite a few changes I was able to cut my fabric... gulp!

The dress has progressed since cutting stage and is almost finished.  I did get way-laid by having a sewing week-end in Tamworth with some of the girls from Pattern Review.  We had a great week-end and did get help to pin my hem (Thanks Sharon!

So that is where I am currently up to - hand stitching - hemming and stitching on the decorative bow at the shoulder.  I hope to blog more about my sewing week-end but will leave you with a picture of a sign outside a lovely little cafe in Geln Innes where we stopped for lunch on the drive down to Tamworth.

Ciao kittens... pretty gown pics soon...