Sunday, June 14, 2015

Ball gown.... Burdastyle 12/2008 103

My second ball gown.  We decided to go to the ball this year in support of Careflight   It is great fun but of course I needed a new dress (shoes, bag, hairdo) for it. 

Once again I used Burdastyle 12/2008 but chose style 103...

I did muslin the dress and made a few changes (shortened the back bodice, added some width to the back at the upper back and some other minor adjustments).  Well worth muslining when you make a dress like this.

I got a reasonable fit but still had creases on the back bodice. I was not willing to spend anymore time that I already had on this dress so figured I could live with it.

I bought Genoa which is like a matt back satin.  I used the matt side for the body of the dress and the shiny side for the bow.

The main design changes I made was to use the back slit from Version B instead of the side slit and I also made the bow as a more proper double bow.  The pattern has you make it with only the back half of the bow and the tie part.  In the photos they have flipped the top loop of the bow to the front.  Not sure it is meant to be styled that way, but I suspect it will look like a lump on your shoulder if you didn't.

I accessorised  with blingy shoes and bag and put some bling earrings on as well.  However I went and had my hair cut on the afternoon of the ball (rather than trying to put it up) and the cut did not really let the earrings show.

We had a great time at the ball, but I am so happy to return to my regular everyday sewing. Sewing formal dresses is worth the time as there is quite a money saving to be made but they sure take a lot of time for a dress that will probably be only worn once!

Ciao for now kittens!