Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Burda 12-2008-109 - in review

You are probably over this dress, but I did promise a review and this is the easiest way to post some extra piccies.

Pictured with my bag, so great to hang in your wrist, while sipping bubbles and eating yummies...

I made a muslin of this dress - pictures here and I would recommend this step (but I suppose most people would do that for a dress like this).  The muslin helped me work out how to construct the dress and assisted in the fit.  The main change I made to the pattern was to widen the side seams by 0.5cm on each seam which added up to a change of 2cm (or about 3/4") overall.  I also lowered the armhole by cutting it lower by about 1cm and taking this back to nothing about 2/3 the way around.

I did have an issue working out how to attach the shoulder straps. I have shown the shoulder strap in the muslin photos but here is a shot of the inside showing the facing sewn to the back of the shoulder strap.

This is after I have wore the dress, so please excuse the wrinkles.  The facing is probably the part of the pattern I like the least.  I sewed it down by hand and initially I sewed it all the way but I wasn't happy with it, so sewed it as the recommended to the back of the strap and about 5cm (2") past it.  For a dress that won't be worn heavily this is probably ok, but I wouldn't like this finish in a dress worn a lot.  The seam with the facing and the collar is very thick, but is well hidden under the collar.  I also like how the zip pull hides under the collar at the back.

More shots...


the overlap, which means no flashing...

The full review is here.


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Burda 12-2008-109 goes to the ball

Ta dah!  The finished frock.  

I am going to review this dress so will post more photos with the review, but I wanted to show you some piccies as the ball was last night.  We had a terrific time, but it was freezing!  It was in a large tin shed in the Showgrounds and the space heaters they had did not cope in the large space.  One of my companions checked the weather and it was 5 degrees C with an apparent temperature of 2 degrees C and it was not much warmer in the venue.  Groups gathered around the space heaters so I did meet some new interesting people so maybe in that respect the cold worked.

The theme of the ball was Cirque du Soleil  so they had some great entertainment for us.

A final picture of the two of us all dolled up...

Ciao for now kittens - more dress photos and a review to come soon.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Evening bag V7354 and op shop shopping!

I have finished my sewing for the ball, by making a bag to go with my dress for the evening.  The pattern is Vogue 7354.  Now OOP but a cute little pattern.  This is the third time I have made View A.  The other two have been gifts for girlfriends.  Last time I went out with one of them, she mentioned what a great little bag it was and how much she used it and it set me wondering why I hadn't made one for myself.  

I have lined it in the green Genoa used for the ball dress and the outside of the bag is a a vintage silk velvet.  It is gorgeous to look at and touch, but a PITA to work with. 

This photo is with the flash to try and show you the detail.

 This photo is without the flash and you can see the true colours better.

The silk velvet is old and their are holes in the fabric.  Even though I inspected it carefully I still manage to cut one piece with a hole, so had to cut another piece.  This one I cut the wrong way around, so had to cut a third!  Third time lucky!  I interfaced the main fabric with silk organza.  This pattern is quick to make but you need accuracy and patience. I don't think I scored real high on those today, but some hand-sewing later I think I have hidden the inaccuracies well enough!  Nearly every seam is a bias so requires lots of pinning and basting (and patience).   I may have to call this the patience bag.  I have made this bag three times but only just noticed you are supposed to leave a hole in the lining to pull the bag through the right way.  I have been pulling it through one of the handles and it works (with patience!) 

As well as sewing today I went shopping this morning in a great local Vinnies which has a 'vintage' section and really scored!

This is the haul (excluding some pretty china plates I bought for feeding the cat).  At the bottom of the pile is a wool blend lined skirt in a greeny colour.  I am hoping there is enough of this to cut a Jason vest for my eldest boy.  If not it will become a skirt for me.

I also found a seam gauge? measuring thingy.  I have a couple of these at home but they are cheap and bent out of shape.  This one is a Bernina and really sturdy.  I wish one had come with my machine.  I also picked up some embroidery thread I use for tailor's tacks.

And the best part - zips!  See the great one in the middle with the round pull tag.  I have no idea what to make with this.  It is not a separating zipper so I cannot use it for a jacket, but if I could find a top/pull-over with a zipper at the neckline I would be happy.  Otherwise it may get used in a make-up bag.

If you have any suggestions for patterns for tops with zips I would love to hear them.  The ball is this week-end and I plan to photograph the outfit fully then.  Ciao for now...

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Jalie 2919 - the vest this time...

As part of my sewing for the cold, I bought this lovely piece of merino at the Fabric Store when meeting with some buddies from the Pattern Review Down Under thread.  I have made Jalie 2919 the pleated cardigan/vest and as you may notice I have gone for the vest version this time.

Previously I have made this in a jersey (bought from Spotlight) - blogged here.  I do wear this a lot so thought another version would be a good addition to the wardrobe.

The only pattern alteration was to cut the armholes a little deeper - about 1cm deeper.

I reinforced the back shoulders seams before stitching with a strip of iron-on interfacing and used Steam a Seam on the hems and arm hole finishes.  I twin -needled the hems and armholes.

I am pretty pleased with this vest.  It is warm and light to wear and will add a great splash of colour to my cold weather wardrobe!

I am pretty pleased with this vest.  It is warm and light to wear and will add a great splash of colour to my cold weather wardrobe!

The review is here and I plan to enter this garment into the 'Best of patterns' contest on Pattern Review.  I hope I will just squeak it in!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sneak peek.. ball gown

At the stage where I am going to ask my sewing pals to help me tweak the fit and mark the hem...(the colour is not quite true - it is an avocado green).

There are ways I could improve it if I sewed it again and I have learnt a bit by making it.  However for the moment I need to walk away from it and I will get my sewing pals assistance on Monday. Two weeks to the ball...