Tuesday, July 29, 2014

More basics - Colette Mabel skirt and knitted accessory love.

As part of making some basics for my winter wardrobe I figured a few basic skirts would be in order.  The Colette Mabel  is the one I chose and it is great for this kind of basic sewing - quick, doesn't use much fabric and gives a great wardrobe staple.

I made version 3 - above the knee with a kick pleat and some nice seam detail.  I used a left-over piece of black double knit. 

 It was close to perfect.  I wore it as made and decided that I really needed to make a size down from the size I made in black.  I also think (regardless of size made) a bit of elastic in the waistband is a good idea.  You may need wider hips to make this baby feel secure.  I think if you had young children who love to tug on your skirt you may end up with it around your ankles.

So I did add elastic to the waistband.  I did it in the manner described in the Kwik sew yoga pants - sewn to the inside of the seam then stitched with a zigag to the inside band.  It is not tight but adds a bit of security.  I also ended up lining this skirt in a tricot as I had real problems with the skirt riding up/bunching when walking with the tights I wore.  The skirt is nice lined but I decided the black tights I were using had a rough texture that made it worse.   I did try all sorts of ways to take out any static but I do believe it was those tights (which have since been binned).

My other make which has added to my wardrobe was a knitted cowl.  Details are on my ravelry page for those interested in more info on it.  

I love this cowl - the style and the yarn.  This colour graduation goes so well with a lot of my wardrobe (the black/clear colours part of my clothes).  I recently bought a dark blue jacket that it also coordinates well with.  So a big win for me. 

Ciao kittens - another Colette Mabel to come (and a few other pieces.)...

BTW - the jacket is my Stylearc Harper jacket - blogged here.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Catching up - Kwik Sew 3740

My blogging has fallen in a pile lately but I will try and catch up and get my act together.  I think one of the reasons is that I have been making lots of basics and they are not the most exciting to blog about, but they are good additions to the wardrobe as they get lots of wear.

I have put on weight and so many of my clothes don't fit, while waiting for this issue to resolve itself (hopeful, eh?)  I have made some basics in my new size so I have *something* to wear! Another reason a lot hasn't been blogged is that my picture getting and quality hasn't been the greatest lately.  However so as to move on, I am going to use the photos I have or I may never get my blog moving again!

First cab off the rank is a Kwik sew 3740.  This pattern is a TNT in my wardrobe.  I made a larger size than in the past, and even though I wear it, I don't believe I achieved a great fit.  I should have kept the same shoulder size as my previous makes, maybe done a FBA and added some to the side seams.  However I still have a wearable top and it has been worn a lot already. 

Without further ado... a picture for you... no details as this has been reviewed many times already.

I also made one in black bamboo without the collar but have no photo.

Two basic tops done now but more wardrobe basics to come... Ciao!