Monday, February 23, 2015

Active wear... Rashie - Fehrtrade Surf to Summit top

We have bought kayaks recently and the few times using them so far, I decided we needed better sun protection.  

I decided I would like to have a rashie with a zipper and a swim short (Jalie) as a set (with an existing bikini top) and then I could swim after a kayak session or use it at the beach.  However I decided to make the rashie for DH first to try the pattern out.    DH also wanted the top with a zipper, as it makes it easier to pull on and off and if it is really hot you can get a bit of relief half opening the zipper.  Thankfully the Fehrtrade Surf to Summit top was released about the time I started looking for a pattern for the rashie.

I love that there is so many options to personalise this pattern. I made this top with blue for the main body and sleeves and black for the side panels, neck facing and zipper shield.

The zipper I bought was a chunky plastic zipper slightly longer than what the pattern called for, so I had to lengthen the zipper placket about an inch and also make the opening a little wider to accommodate the chunky zipper.  This was not the easiest thing I have sewn but I think it was lack of experience on my part and nothing to do with the pattern.  I did a lot of basting and quite a bit of unpicking too.

I was concerned about getting the fit right as DH is broad in the shoulders, slimmer at the waist, but with a gut (tummy). This is the fit on the back.  

I suppose it could be more fitted at waist level, but this fit is comfortable and does not accentuate the tummy.

The only change I made to the pattern was to shorten the sleeve by about an inch.  The muslin ended up with only one long sleeve due to lack of fabric but I assumed his arms were the same length. :)

I offered to cut the sleeve to the same length and he could use the muslin too, but he declined... don't know why...

The swimwear fabric is quite expensive, but I have looked at prices for RTW rashies with zips and this top would have cost me half the price, so worth doing I think.  Plus then we are not limited to the colours and patterns in the RTW ones.

Ciao kittens... moving away from active wear for a little while now...  back with some pretty floral fabric next...

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Gym wear... Lekala top and Anima shorts

Seriously I think I need an intervention... cant. stop. making. gym. clothes.... 

I decided this week I needed another gym top and shorts... I can't keep up with having clean gym clothes in this hot weather.  I also thought it might be good to have a gym shirt more covered in the shoulders as the weather starts cooling off.  So I decided to try a pattern a few have recommended on Pattern Review - Lekala 4273 - Sports Vest .  I put in my measurements and received my pattern and I have to say I am impressed with the fit.

I used supplex for the purple panel, sports mesh for the shoulder yokes and side panels and tactel nylon lycra for the back.  I got the mesh and the tactel from Joelles ebay store.  I saw mesh used like this on a friend's top at the gym through the week and thought it would work well and (hopefully) look RTW. 

Shown large so you can you see the mesh in the shoulder yoke panels.
The only alteration was to lengthen the top by 1cm.  I would lengthen it a bit more next time I make it and perhaps curve the hem to  make it look a bit more current like Blooms has done on some of her gym tops. 

I thought about making the armhole deeper as I am used to them that way on my gym tops but tried it as it was and found it wasn't uncomfortable.

I was very impressed with the fit, particularly around my shoulders and upper back.  Giving the bust and under bust measurement must make this a better fit I think.

I also made another pair of shorts.  My gym of choice is a crossfit box and I have been going for half a year now.  The pics above show my new top paired with my Jalie shorts which I love, but they are made of supplex and I find they are pilling on the bottom as the floor is quite rough on them.  So I decided to try a fabric with a harder finish and found this black fabric which is a nylon lycra blend but called Tactel.  It seems tougher... it was hard to get a pin through the fabric and I think it blunted my sewing machine needle going by the skipped stitches in my next garment.  So I shall see how it wears.  I decided to use the opportunity to trial a new pattern - the Papercut Anima Pants.  

I was pretty happy with how the pattern went together.  I made them as per the pattern.  The only changes I might make next time is leave off the faux fly (to make the front crotch easier to adjust) and to maybe add some width to the inner thigh area.  Overall I like this pattern and want to make the long version for comfy pants.  The photo is the shorts flat.  I don't think this fabric photographs well so probably won't be bothering to get a photo on me, but I will be using these a lot for gym and am interested to see how they wear. 

So, do I need an intervention?  Ciao kittens...

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

January Frock - Ottobre 2/2013 Fancy Flowers Dress

One of my goals for the year is a frock a month and so far I have one out of one as I present to you my January Frock.  It is from Ottobre 2/2013 pattern no. 7 Fancy flowers.  

They recommend lightweight viscose but I used a silk crepe de chine called New Orleans I had bought from Tessuti Fabrics a while back.  I had planned to make pants but since starting on this quest for a frock a month, this fabric started suggesting cool summer dress more and more.

I made my size according to bust size and the only alterations I made was to lengthen it by about 1cm  and trim a little excess fabric from the front of the armhole.

I was very happy with my front placket.  I had tried to place the pattern on the fabric so light colours were at the top and dark toward the bottom, but the placement of the pattern around the placket was pure serendipity.  It looks a bit like lace around the placket, don't you think?

This pattern has nice pattern details apart from the front placket.  A yoke, gathering falling from the yoke, shaped hemline, collar with stand and elastic gathering at the back waistband. 
Back view
I made the inner yoke piece from some white cotton-silk I had bought from The Fabric Collection a while back.  (A good thing to have in the stash.)  I did that so there would be no shadow of the print showing through the fabric.

I did the same for the armhole binding.

The trial wearing of the dress went well. 

A road trip to Brisbane with a sewing pal to see Future Beauty: 30 Years of Japanese Fashion at GOMA.   It coped beautifully with a warm Brisbane day and I really enjoyed the day out...

and the shopping on the way home...

Floral cotton for a blouse / stretch cotton for a shift dress / Rayon jersey for a wrap dress.
Ciao  kittens...