Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Another Burda skirt love...

Burda 09-2008-120. A lovely simple skirt that I remember wondering when I first saw the pattern how it would go, but of course Burda had it made in some sooper-dooper fabric that made you wonder how it would work in translation to a 'regular' fabric. I saw Dawn's blog post on using this patten first and now there are more reviews up about it.

I have made it previously here. I love this skirt! It is narrow in the leg and you have to be very lady-like scooting into car's etc but I think the shorter length makes it more summery and 'fun'-looking. I have made it again in an over-the-top floral fabric purchased from Kerryn's Fabric world but I have seen it at Gardams as well since then.

A new favorite when I want to shout 'Summer!'

Endless Combinations 2010 - Final post

The photos for my composite entry into the Endless Combinations contest have been seen in the previous posts (for sure) but for completeness I have put this post to show the entry.

Composite photo...

If you wish to see the individual items (coordinated), then check this out.

Another post soon on a second burda pencil line skirt I made and love.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Endless Combinations 2010 - Kwik Sew 3740

Again for the Endless Combinations Contest, the cowl neck top one more time...

Review can be found here.

Endless Combinations 2010 - Jalie 3024

Next for Endless Combinations - Jalie 3024 - the new dress. Love it! More detail on construction can be found in the review. Link to review.

Endless Combinations 2010 - Jalie 2919

Jalie 2919 - Cardigan made for the Endless Combinations Contest. No details are provided here but can found in the review. Back... Detail of shoulder pleats... Review can be found here.

Endless Combinations 2010 - Kwik Sew 3384

My next item in the Endless Combinations contest are the Kwik-sew pants 3384. Again, no detail here. Please see the review to find out more about these pants.

Front showing waistband/yoke...

Link to review - here.

Endless Combinations 2010 - McCalls 5802

I am posting photos of each of the items for my Endless Combinations entry for 2010. I will not be putting much detail about the items in these posts, but will provide a link to the review if you would like to know more about the sewing of any particular item.

First up McCalls 5802 - Hilary Duff halter neck top (think it is now OOP)

Review is here.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Still sewing....

Well it has been a while since I blogged last, but I have been sewing a little. The renovation has started and it is difficult to sew but I have managed to find a temporary spot for my machine and I have been cutting out patterns at work on the conference table (amazing the solutions you can find when sewing is involved!)

Some of the reason I got so keen to sew is that the Endless Combinations contest started on Pattern Review and I love the idea behind this contest, so thought I might sew along and see if I can manage to get an entry together.

The inspiration for my entry is clothes for cruising as we are going on a cruise next year and it is nice to daydream about it (anticipation is half the fun I think!).

Drum roll please ... well maybe not, I have three pieces done so far but have not had a chance to do a photo shoot as we are experiencing the worst weather here (one way to break a drought - start a home renovation!) We have a sea of mud outside so the 'proper' photos will be put off until it is possible to step outside without sinking up to your ankles in red mud.

The first article I made is Jalie 3024 - dress:

I am sooo happy with how this has turned out. The fabrics are from Knitwit (for any Australians reading this) and are beautiful.

I will review this pattern properly once the photos happen - my opinion on this pattern - fabulous as all the Jalies I have tried.

The second item is the long version of Kwik Sew 3384. Made in black fabric from Knitwit also - no piccie as yet.

And the third item is McCalls 5802 which may be OOP.

I was concerned it would be too young for me but I decided to try it in a cheaper fabric. I made the top in a polyester I picked up on the sale table at our local Gardams. I love this top also...

I did have to pull the top up around the neckline, so that it pulls it high enough to conceal my bra strap at the back, but haven't tried it on properly since I sewed the hooks to the neck piece and I am a bit concerned it may be a little too tight, so may still need to alter that. (Diana looks a bit lopsided in this shot, but be assured I don't think Diana or the top have any problems).

My last piece planned is the Cardigan Jalie 2919.

This will be in black also. I wish I had more of the Knitwit fabric I made the pants in, but have a dry knit from Spotlight which will have to do.

And if I have time I will make another Kwiksew 3740 also...
Sleeveless in a pretty blue print.

A girl can dream...