Thursday, January 28, 2021

PR Wardrobe Contest 2020 Round up

Well the PR Wardrobe Contest was done and dusted in November of last year and I am very happy to say that I got my entry completed!  Sometimes the reward is in finishing a goal you set yourself.

You can find my contest entry here and it links to all the reviews of the individual pieces.  

My most favorite piece is the bag.  

I prefer sewing clothes to bags but I am really happy to have made this bag and use it all the time.  When I show my sewing buddies they are surprised to hear I made it myself!  The "suedette" it is made from has also proved itself to be very easy to clean, which is good as the light colour seems to invite marks to happen.  Review is here.

The next favorite and most worn is the StyleArc Nova dress.  It was a very useful piece in the wardrobe over Christmas and had a few outings.  Review of the Nova is here.

My least favourite is the Ottobre tee shirt.  The shirt fabric is too stiff for the swing style and the print maybe a bit too childish for my comfort zone.  It is in my re-model pile and I will probably turn it into a tank top.

It wasn't in my original plan either but I subbed it as a quick make to get finished on time.

All the other pieces have been in use and I am glad to have taken part in the contest as it did push me to make a bunch of coordinating pieces in a short time frame.

Thanks for following along.  My sew-jo has been firing lately and I have sewn a few new items since the contest and have participated in another contest - the Fabric Stash contest and have managed to bust 9m out of my stash!  I will post soon about some of my favourite pieces from that sewing.

Ciao for now!