Saturday, October 11, 2014

Continuing Frocktober - the Kielo Wrap Dress

Continuing the frock theme I have made my last item for my cruise... well I still have tomorrow to pack before sailing on Monday, so made in plenty of time!

I chose to make the Named Clothing Kielo Wrap Dress.  Like a few others I first saw this dress at the Sewist's High Tea.  I think Donna sold a few of us on the pattern that day.  I was concerned how it would work on me as I have not got Donna's height and the pattern is drafted for 5'8".  Well... I needed a dress to take on the cruise for one of the formal nights so with some lovely green stretch crepe in the stash, this pattern will be perfect to pack and (hopefully) to wear.

I shortened the dress for my height at two places - approximately knee height and thigh/hip height.  Apart from that the only change I made to the pattern was to sew the armholes a little higher (about an inch) as this fabric is quite heavy and pulls the dress down and I didn't want my bra strap to show.

The dress is a simple one to make (great last minute make).  Saying that though I seemed to have some difficulty - I cut and sewed the ties (laces on the pattern) three times, as I sewed them the wrong way twice before working out what I was doing wrong - folding the piece the wrong way - rookie mistake!  The only other difficulty was sewing the armhole and neckline hem,  It is folded twice and sewn with a very narrow hem.  I followed the instruction and turned and sewed twice to make it easy.  I used my walking foot and moved my needle across so it naturally sewed the fold edge while keeping the folded fabric easily under the foot.  

This is how I ma thinking of accessorising the dress.  My blue-green wrap if the evening is cool and my new tan shoes... or maybe black shoes to look more formal?  I shall let you know how it wears...

Ciao kittens, sailing on Monday so not sure when I will blog next. :)

Monday, October 6, 2014

Ottobrefest... Frocktober???

I have been sewing some dresses to take on a cruise I am going on next week.  I am planning to wear them in the evenings to dinner.  So I am naming this month Frocktober... it could have been Ottobrefest, but the next dress I plan to make is not from Ottobre...

The two Ottobre dresses made so far...

First up is 05/2013- 4 Friday Evening Dress.  This is the same pattern as the last tee shirt I made.  

The fabric is from Crafty Mamas as well and was marked as a denim jersey.  It is quite thick and has a soft fuzziness on the wrong side.  I think it is a good weight for this dress.  The only pattern alterations was to shorten the sleeves and take the hips out one size (size 40 top and 42 hip).

Back view (taking note that my bottom is not as bodacious as Diana's)...

And here with a scarf I bought recently.  I tried to buy a scarf that had all my colours in it and it does seem to coordinate well with most of my wardrobe.

The next Ottobre is from 2/2013-19 Twist Knot tunic and dress.  

I made the dress length.  The only alteration I made to this pattern was to shorten the length by about 7cm.  I am not as tall as Ottobre woman and I thought the length was more flattering hitting under the knee.

The fabric is from Skaffs and is lovely quality.  I also adore the print and colour.  I like how I managed to cut the fronts so that the shoulders have the same large print on them.  Totally accidental!

So back to the sewing machine... one more frock planned to add to the cruise wardrobe... Ciao!