Saturday, October 17, 2020

PR Wardrobe Contest - item 3 of 10 - StyleArc Vicki top

Third piece in the wardrobe contest - a lovely summery swing top - the StyleArc Vicki top.

I cut my usual StyleArc size 16 and am very happy with the fit.  The fabric is a rayon crepe (I think) and acted like every seam was on the bias so a bit painful to sew but it suits this top.

My notes on this make:

  • I lengthened the top by 3" at the hemline.
  • I topstitched the seam where the front joins the back to emphasize it.
  • My binding is turned completely to the inside and sewn down with the result that no binding shows. I did this as I was not going to get a good finish with the described binding method. I think I would need to cut the binding slightly wider to achieve that finish (at least with this fabric). However I am very happy with the finish as I have sewn it and would probably do it again like that.
  • I did not follow the suggestion of sewing a bar tack to hold the seam open at the top of the centre front seam as it would have stood out on this single colour fabric. I just did a hand tack inside at the neckline to hold the seam open.

I love this style and really want to make a ton of these tops!  So I think this pattern will get a workout in the future!

I am currently making piece 4 which is the Stylearc Charlie skirt.  I love sewing the top stitching but am a bit nervous about how a slimline skirt in a stretch woven will fit/look on my self, but hope to finish it soon! 

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

PR Wardrobe contest - Piece 2 of 10 - New Look 6212

I have finally finished my second item for the wardrobe contest.  New Look 6212.  I have made this one before - here

This one took some time to get sewn.  The things that took time were - 

...playing pattern tetris to layout it out on my fabric, 

... those pleats!

...and the beautiful Liberty fabric is really unforgiving so putting in the sleeves meant the quick unpick came out a few times.

I am not going to outline all the details here but you can read more in my review here, if you are interested to know.

Ciao for now, kittens!