Monday, September 28, 2009

BWOF 03-2009-105C Pleated skirt

Finished skirt bwof 03-2009-105C.
This isn't the most flattering photo above - I threw the outfit on to get my photos done. I think I should wash and press this skirt and it will live up to its potential more. I also need to suck in the gut that hangs over the top - at least you can see the yoke created by the pleats does help hold everything in!
Below is the back...

And the skirt on Diana...

Details - side with zip - my edges don't exactly line up - they didn't look this wonky when I sewed it... never mind!

Front waistband with top-stitching - you need to do the top stitching to hold the facing down - there is a lot of layers with the box pleats so it wouldn't stay put without the top stitching.

Pocket detail - the workshop with pictures in the magazine is a great help in the construction of this pocket... (don't put it in upside down like I did the first time!)

My only change - I added a tab inside the skirt over the zip. I have done this before and really like it - it holds the zip firm and there is no scratchiness associated with hook and eyes or the top of the zip.

Inside the skirt showing the zip and tab closed...

More inside detail...
I really love the fit of this skirt and consider it the first in my quest to do some basics ... 'Back to Basics'. I hope it will coordinate with a few tops already in my wardrobe.

Review is here for those interested.

Non-sewing news - this is Lulubelle soon to be the newest member of our family.

Friday, September 25, 2009

For Caity

A confession - not sewing but shopping. I bought this dress a few months ago. I spied it first on this site - Couture Allure and fell in love - then noticed it was my size - fate!

However it did seem a bit extravagant so I tried to ignore the call. Then my DH came home and told me we were sponsoring a table at a Race Day so - Woo hoo! - that was all the excuse I needed (and with some encouragement from DH and Caity) I bought it - which seemed a great extravagance at the time. Since then I have looked at the price of RTW dress-ups and found I did quite well. Especially considering I think this has 'value' - vintage 60's, hand beaded and custom made (not for me but someone of a very similar size!)

So here you are Caity - the photo!! We had a great day - all the better for having a fab dress to wear!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Trim for my Chanel Jacket and planning

I was in Brisbane for work on Thursday (learning how to do internal auditing for the Quality Assurance system - aye carumba!), so you can probably understand the need for a bit of retail therapy on the way home. I found this trim at Sckaf's for my Chanel jacket. It is photographed here with my fabric. What do you think? I need to decide as I have to call them if I want them to post some up to me (I only took a sample).

I had pictured a jacket with Petersham ribbon used as the trim but can only find Grosgrain (even on the web). The Grosgrain will not curve around the neck edge and so is useless to me for this purpose. Anyhoos I need to decide if that is the one I want so I can give them a call next week.

While that is slowly moving along I am planning to start work on my collection of basics - should think of a name for it...hmmm.. Anyway I thought this fabric and Burda wof 03-2009-105 would be my first in the collection.
Off to start tracing...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A few thoughts on my sewing direction..

I haven't had much direction with my sewing lately but I have decided I need to think about where I am headed with it!

I had considered joining in the Pattern Review wardrobe contest but I was not ready to start at the beginning of September and I truly do not have the time to do the reviews at the moment, so decided against it. However everything I have been reading about creating a workable wardrobe and on watching which items I pull out of the wardrobe regularly, I have decided I need to concentrate on basics for a while. I need more coordinating items in solid basic colours. I would also like a few more dresses for the days you just throw something on.

I have committed to making another Chanel jacket and think it will work in well with this idea as it is a good coordinating colour, however it is going to be a background work in progress as there is so much hand sewing involved. Also as we are entering Spring/Summer I will not be requiring it for a while. I plan to draft the jacket next week when I have a day meeting with my ASG group. We are having a 'helping each other with fitting' day so if I get far enough with it I can tissue fit it that day. I also need to start looking for braid/trim to go on it.

I have one sewing project that has got stuck unfinished (which I hate as I usually try and finish each item before starting another). It is a blue chambray shirt I was playing with pin tucking on. However it is long sleeved and I am wondering now if I should make it sleeveless or change the sleeve to short to motivate myself to finish it as I do not need a long sleeve shirt right now. ... or do I just leave it to finish next autumn? More thought required on that one....

Anyway I seemed to have stalled a bit with my sewing but hope to get inspired soon. Perhaps I need to go and clean up my sewing stuff and that might help? I am waiting for an order to arrive from Gorgeous Fabrics which I bought on the last sale so I am sure that will re-motivate me.

Motivation stalled ... time to step back and consider where I am going... hmmm...

Anyway how can anyone stay glum when it is Spring here and the flowers are in the garden...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Wisteria dress - V8379 Wrap dress Version 2.0

I have not gone off simple sewing yet and have made my second version of Vogue 8379. The first one was in this post. This is not a difficult dress but it does take time!
This time I used a lovely dusky purple Cavalli jersey bought from Gardams in Brisbane. I never took to the dotty fabric and felt like some throw back to an 80's Osti dress crossed with an air-hostess. However by making it and wearing to a few times I discovered everyone was right ... dOH! the bodice does need lengthening. I felt I had to tug at the waistband all the time to pull it down (it sat right at the base of my ribs).
So for this version I lengthened the bodice by 1" and shortened the skirt by 2". (I felt the last version was one inch too long.) BTW - why do they have lengthen/shorten line on the bodice front & back, but not on the facing! Don't forget to lengthen the front facing if you lengthen the top!

** funny pulling on the back of the dress in this photo - I will have a look next time I wear it see if it always does this. It may be to do with the fact my back is broad right at my arm height but then narrows under the bust. I discovered this trying to adjust my dressmaker's dummy Diana. Is that to do with weight training?

The dotty one is due to be donated. I have worn it a couple of times and as it only cost $6 in fabric it has covered itself. It also helped me work out how to fine tune this dress so all is good.
I think I forgot to mention that I also made sure the pleats on the top under the bust went the right way this time .. why are pleats so hard to understand on instructions... pleat what way??!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

And the beat goes on...

Another top this week-end. This time a tried and true - Jalie 2794 - the sweetheart top. If you have read my blog long enough, you will know I love these patterns!

I used the piece of fabric I bought off the remnant table at Tessuti's on my recent Melbourne trip. It was half price $12.50 for 1.25m and, boy, what a fabulous quality fabric! I am not exactly sure what is in it but it is great to work with and if it doesn't wash and wear well I'll eat my hat!

You can see it modelled here on Diana with one of the skirts I made last year for the endless combinations competition.. it goes on... dah, de, dah, de dah!

When I look back at the photo I took of this skirt when it was made, the hem looks straight enough. Being a bias skirt made of rayon, it continued to drop until it got to the stage it was so wonky I was embarrassed to wear it. I was tossing up whether I would fix it or ditch it, but Diana was such a great assistant - standing still patiently while I marked the hem that I chose to re-hem it. However not ever again - it is a long hem to sew!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Two new black tee's - Vogue8558 & New Look 6735

Simple patterns - done in knit fabrics have been calling me. As they are:
  1. easy - simple - not difficult - quick - everything the opposite of a Chanel jacket
  2. they will use up some of the fabric stash quickly
  3. I need new tops!!!!
First off the blocks - a black cotton interlock bought from Spotlight (*warning* ...chain store... *warning*)

Not expensive but comfortable and good to try out some untried patterns. First up New Look 6735 - 3/4 sleeve Tee...

*nnnuuuhhh* - not sure - this was a best pattern on Pattern Review (I am sure) but the top came out too big for me. I think I can get away with using it, but the neckline - too big, shoulders slightly falling off shoulder points and the excess at the hips...

Next up Vogue 8558...

excuse the headless photos (shocking faces - best not to show them!)

It seems to be riding up at the front centre - I may need to re-hem it,otherwise I quite like it! It is fairly loose - I made a Vogue size 14 and took off some of the length and scooped out the underarm hole but apart from that as per the pattern. I quite like this and think I will make it again. Next on to some lubley, lubley Jalies - that I know will fit and look good!