Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dotty about DVF wrap dress

I must be in dots mode - the last two items I have made are dotty!
My latest creation - Vogue 8379 the ubiquitous DVF wrap dress that everyone on Pattern Review loves.

The fabric is a 'cheapie' from Spotlight. It is called Manhattan and was marked as full price $10/m but it was on the clearance sale so I got it for $2 /m so it was a good fabric to try this pattern with. I am not sure I love all the dots but the fabric has quite a nice feel. Bargain dress though!

dOh! As I was comparing the photos to the picture on the cover I realised I have put the cuff on the sleeve the wrong way. The split in the cuff should be toward the front not the back! I was to lazy to compare the markings, so that's what happens. I am not taking them off and fixing them as they are overlocked on... dOh!

I can see why everyone loves this pattern. The front neck opening sits lovely and close to the body so there is no fear of fall-out or gap-age. It also does wrap generously.

I hate seeing photos of my back - my shoulders look so broad... Anyway I am showing this photo as I was quite surprised to see the pattern all headed in the same direction across the bodice and skirt and even lining up - pure coincidence that - I can claim no part of that happy accident!

I made this dress so that I would have a sleeved knit jersey dress for work as they are so great to throw in the gym bag and then just pull them out , pop on and viola - dressed for work! I still have to decide if I like this style on me enough to make a second one as I had initially planned. In another fabric I like better I may be more in love with it.

As for fit - what a great pattern, it comes together really well and is not difficult to make. However it still did take quite a while to do, even cutting took a while. It was one of those outfits best cut one day, bodice sewed the next, then finish another.
What do you think of the length? Should I shorten it a bit?
Review here.


  1. As with all the garments you make, its lovely, and shows off your figure beautifully. Now I'm thinking I should purchase the pattern as well! (I've always been too scared to make a cross over as I am teeny weeny!)Do you need 2 way or 4 way stretch fabric? As for lengthening, I think I'd leave it. Congrats, wonderful look! - cat1

  2. Lovely dress, I like the dots. The length is OK I think, but you could easily make it a bit shorter if you want to.

  3. This dress is perfect on you - love the dots!

  4. I love the dress dots and all. As for the length I would shorten just a tad bit.

  5. I think this turned out great! So feminine. I have this pattern but still haven't tried it.

    I think you could stand to shorten it about 1-2 inches (so your knee is still covered).

  6. It looks great on you! The pleats just don't aim the right direction on me on that one. I like how broad my shoulders look from the back--makes my waist look smaller! Just think of it that way. `-)

  7. Personally I wouldn't touch a thing. The proportions look perfect on you. Nice dress!

  8. Love it! You look great and I wouldn't change it. You could go a teeny bit shorter if you were comfortable with it.

  9. Hi Sue:

    Thanks for dropping by my blog! Kudos on your beautiful dress, now you made me want that pattern lol You look fabulous in it. :)

    If you want it for social events then yes, go a bit shorter. But for work, i think the length it is now is fine. Don't worry about the cuff sleeve. Until you mentioned it, I hadn't even noticed it in the picture.


  10. You should certainly make that one again, maybe in a darker colour for winter. Then you could go to the gym several days a week without washing! It looks great on you.

  11. Hi Sue - I like your dress but then I've made this one 3 times myself. The one I like best is a plain mulberry colour and I didn't have enough for the belt. I found an exact match in colour in a stretch satin and used that for the belt and it really dressed it up a lot.

    I like the length as it is but if your legs are a little thinner just below your knees (mine are as I do a lot of walking and climbing so have strong calves, ie read thick), you could take it up just a little to show that thinner area which is more flattering I'm told by others.

    I know what your mean about fabric because this dress needs the right fabric. The dots do work though. Lincraft have a lovely swirly patterned fabric that would make up nicely but I've never seen enough of it left to make this dress as it's rather popular.

    Good job on a great dress.

  12. The dress turned out lovely!

  13. I think I have to buy this pattern now- and I am sooo scared of Vogue!! As to length I think it looks fine the way it is (though I like my skirts long-ish). IMHO if you were to shorten it I think don't take off more than an inch in the total finished length. Great job, cool fabric :)
    P.s. would have never noticed the sleeves if you hadn't said anything ...


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