Saturday, May 23, 2009

Floods & shopping....

On Wednesday I had to drive down to Brisbane as I was attending a training course for work (Intermediate AutoCAD). It is to far to drive back and forth everyday so I planned to stay down there in a hotel near the training course.

It also coincided with the Knitwit Roadshow, so I thought I would attend that on Wednesday evening. However the best laid plans of mice and men... it rained & rained ... & rained so that Brisbane and other local areas experienced flooding with road closures, etc everywhere! I wasn't venturing out from the hotel that night after all. However to put a bit of fun back into the trip and to break up the long drive down (made longer by the terrible weather conditions and traffic) I stopped in Ipswich at a shop called Bargain Box fabrics.

I found it to be well worth stopping at. It had a good range of fabrics and was tidy and clean. And the best part is that the prices were very reasonable. It stocked a lot of good quality fabrics I have seen at more 'up-market' stores. This was my haul:

The cream fabric which is hard to see in the photo is a knitted acrylic and cost $12.95/m and will become Burda 8291.

The olive green fabric is a poly/viscose mix and cost $14.95/m and is destined to become Burda WOF 03-2009-105C.And the stripe is a cotton-elastane and cost $8.95 m! It was only 112cm wide but still a bargain I thought. I was hoping to make Burda WOF 07-2008-114, but this could be reviewed yet. Anyway some sort of casual skirt...

I am home again now after a tiring few days. Sitting at a computer for so many hours then driving home through the ridiculous Friday afternoon traffic is very wearing. I have been doing the catch-up washing and grocery shopping, but hope I can now spend the rest of the week-end sewing. At the very least I hope to trace some BWOF patterns. Hope you have a great sewing week-end too!


  1. Great haul!! Looking forward to seeing the finished clothes. Yikes on the flooding, eh?!

  2. Oh, you did very well! I love the ideas you have for each.

  3. I'm impressed that you have vision for all your pieces! I need to be more strict about that when buying fabric, I think.


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