Sunday, May 10, 2009

McCalls 5138 - shirt View F

I have made another version of McCall's 5138. (First version here) This time I made view F which is the long sleeved version but with no added trim. I don't think I have made sleeves with cuffs before so this was new to me. I am fairly pleased with this shirt. So again not much chat but plenty of pictures (even ones with eyes shut...). My only issue was I was wondering if I should do a sway back adjustment but couldn't be bothered as from my understanding I would need to add a CB seam and I didn't want to, but I think the back looks okay.

The fabric is a cotton-elastane bought from Gardams in Toowoomba. I think it will be very comfortable to wear.

My next project is Vogue 8379. My biggest decision is which fabric in my stash should I use for this dress. I have cut out the tissue and my main fitting concern was to check the length of the bodice. The waist mark lands pretty much on my natural waist so I am going to leave the pattern as it is. I do have a vague concern that it may feel high on the waist, but not because it is short in the bodice, but because lately most things I wear do not land on the natural waist but below it. Anyway I will try one first before I start fiddling with the pattern.

Hope everyone else had a lovely Mother's Day and that your sewing is going well!


  1. Nice shirt! I don't see any swayback issues at all. It looks great and fits exceptionally well.

  2. Lovely shirt. Here in Sydney (typing this with cold fingers), I've hit the jumpers!! Vogue 8379 looks great. Looking forward to seeing the finished dress - Cat1

  3. Beautiful blouse. I think the fit is great. I know what you mean about the feel of a garment hitting you at the natural waistline rather than an inch or so below. I just made a dress that hits me there and it feels odd--but I'm hoping time will make that less of an issue. Good luck with the new dress!

  4. Pretty and cool! Love the fabric!


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