Wednesday, April 22, 2009

McCalls 5138 - shirt

I have finished my Vogue jacket but haven't got around to giving it a final press and take photos. I think I am just tired of looking a it, even though I love it! I will try and get my act together for you soon.
In the meantime I have made McCall's 5138.
This was a nice quick make and as I wore it today I have photos for you. Excuse the wrinkles. It is at the end of a day spent sitting in the office. I wasn't sure if I loved this shirt. I liked it but love...not so sure. However after consulting with my style guru bff and wearing it today I have changed my mind. I do love it. It is really comfortable and I felt smart looking. My concerns were the collar - home-ecky-miss-becky? and the floral fabric which I was concerned may look a bit 'Nana'. (no offences to Nanas - I look forward to having grandchildren one day but do not want to look the image, if you get my drift...)

I made this top straight from the pattern. I did tissue fit and it looked fine. Now that I see a photo of the back I wonder if I should do a sway back adjustment or is that just a bad wrinkle?

The trousers are the
Vogue ones I made a while back. I like them, but being linen they do stretch out on wearing (and wrinkle, of course). The stretching out bothers me the most so I am not sure I would use linen again for a pair of trousers.

BTW, the jacket course was done with Felicity Bynge and Felicity's website is now live - For Frock's Sake. Classes are listed there for anyone in SE Qld and she also sells different items. I highly recommend the interfacing's - much better than any you can get in the local shops. There is also a true stretch interfacing. Felicity is lovely to deal with and I recommend you check out her web site, classes and interfacing's.


  1. That's a pretty top! Hard to tell about the wrinkle; it could well be a swayback problem. That's the kind of fold I get if I have not adequately allowed for my swayback.

  2. I agree, it looks good on you!


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