Monday, June 25, 2012

Striped top 02-2010-112 in person

...or at least in front of the mirror, as worn today...

This is how I wore it when I went out this morning (appointment and then some groceries). With RTW jeans, Jalie cardigan and my cowl.

I like how it goes with the black over it so really must finish my black jacket.

This is how it looks without all the layers.

It is surprisingly loose, but I found it very comfortable to wear and the fabric is quite cosy and warm.

The neckline close up so you can see what I mean about it being a little bulky...

Well, even though I should be working on my black jacket, I am procrastinating by sewing a bow blouse and then another turtleneck... Ciao!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Striped top Burdastyle 02-1010-112

Burdastyle 02-2010-112.  I can't seem to link to a Burda site to get a picture of the pattern, but is is basically a wide necked (boat neck?) style with raglan sleeves.  Burda has a striped version so the stripe matching lines are marked on the pattern.  An interesting point, considering the one pictured in the magazine has no stripe matching going on!

I hope to get some 'proper' modeled photos but in the interest of keeping my blog posting going, I have taken some photos of my finished top on Diana.

This fabric was not easy to work with, but I still managed some stripe matching.  I was wondering if I perhaps shouldn't have pre-washed this fabric before cutting as the stripes seemed to go very skew-wiff.  I did not look at it closely before washing but it seemed a reasonable quality fabric so I was surprised at how wonky the stripes lay and how difficult this fabric was to cut.

I made this top to the pattern, except I cut the sleeves slightly shorter, as they are 4cm longer than normal and much as I like this look, I have other tops with this feature and just wanted this one a bit more regular length.

The facing on the neckline is a bit bulky and if I was to make it again, I would finish the neckline differently.

I am hoping this will be a nice layering piece.  I plan to make a black jacket and can see it under that with my dotted scarf or perhaps with jeans for the week-end.

I still have one skirt  not photographed yet so more posts soon... Ciao! 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Burdastyle Jason Vest

Sewing for others - but this one was fun!  Tailoring but without set-in sleeves!

I have just made the Jason vest for my eldest son as a wool vest will be a great addition to his wardrobe as he is attending University in Brisbane (mild winters).  This is a down-loadable pattern from Burdastyle - $3.50 a bargain!

I printed it at work on our large plotter (I knew there was a reason I work in an Engineering Consultancy!) and used a wool that was gifted to me.  The vest is lined in a lovely grey stretch satin from Lincraft.

I only sewed 2 of the 4 welt pockets.  The instructions were difficult to follow in the Burdastyle instructions but I used another method to make a trial one and then went back to the Burdastyle instructions and they made more sense to me then.  I preferred how the Burdastyle welt pocket was finished.  Not perfect but not too bad...

The back has tabs that can be tightened to pull the vest in. 

 I actually found a buckle called a vest buckle in the Notions section at Spotlight.

Overall I really enjoyed the process of making this vest and even though it is not perfect I am pretty happy with it.

The best news is that my son likes it and he tells me he will wear it..

Friday, June 15, 2012

A couple of TNT's

I have been sewing for the cold and have recently sewn these two pieces, both TNTs.  However our Winter has been really cold this year, but the last few days it has turned more into the milder Winter I would expect so I had a chance to wear them.

Excuse the wrinkles, as usual it is at the end of the work day that I can muster a photographer.  

The top is Burda 09-2010-121 the turtleneck top.  i made this last year in a cream fabric, but it stretched out of shape so was binned at the end of last Winter.  I made this cream version to replace that one.  This fabric is a cotton/elastane mix and I am not loving it.  It attracts dirt and fluff and creases terribly.  It was quite expensive too!  I have made this top in black cotton/bamboo (with no elastane) and it is soft and doesn't crush, so I think I need to look out for fabrics without the elastane??

The skirt is Burda 09-2008-120 which I have made 3 times before.  The fabric is the interesting part of this skirt.  I bought a skirt when I went op shopping recently.  It cost me $4 and was a size 16 and well worn.  The label said it is wool/nylon and it is lovely and soft and smooth and a dream to work with.  

I unpicked the skirt and used the fabric to make my skirt. I had hoped to re-use the lining, but it wasn't in good enough condition, so I lined it with a piece of stash fabric.  I think it is called Linea from Spotlight and so far I am quite happy with it.  I shall see how it washes and wears.  I had planned to add a photo of the inside but my little camera is not playing nice right now.

So tried and true sewing for Winter.  I am pretty happy with the results - particularly the skirt and think I will wear it a lot.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It sure has been cowled!

I have been preparing clothes for Winter and recently made a top from Ottobre - Romantic Notes.  A lovely top to wear but a bit open at the neck for a really cold day (like we have been having lately).  I decided it was time to  crochet a cowl that I had seen on Ravelry and made the 'Baby it's cowled outside' cowl.  This is a free pattern and I am quite happy with how it came out.  

I used 2 balls of Patons Classic Bluebell.  This is 5 ply or sport weight so was a bit heavier than intended for this pattern.  It looked like it was going to be very stiff, so when I finished it I put it through a rinse with some vinegar and it softened it quite a bit.  (If you are on, you can friend me there.  I am Quiltsewsewsue on Ravelry too.)

For the sewists, this is how I wore the whole outfit...

The Ottobre Romantic Notes top as mentioned earlier and my Burda 04-2011-117 pants - made here.

With a RTW dark brown cardigan I was ready for a cool day!

Plenty of sewing has been happening too. I have made 2 skirts, one turtleneck top and a vest for my son.  When photos happen I will show you the results!... Ciao!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Burda 04-2009-101 Corduroy skirt

Burda 04-2009-101 has been brought back to my attention since Pattern Review has run their Best of Patterns Contest recently.  This was a best pattern of 2009.

I needed some skirts for Winter and decided to blatantly copy be inspired by Sharonspils skirt.

This is view B - no pockets or top-stitching.

Made in brown corduroy with some vintage yellow buttons..

I did make real buttonholes.  I know they are only decorative and a lot of people didn't bother but I prefer the look.  I think I need to get some accessory in yellow to play up the yellow buttons.

If you look carefully you can see the tab panels where the buttons are located are a darker brown than the rest of the skirt.  Somehow I got the nap going the wrong way and didn't notice until the skirt was finished.  Opps! - however if you are going to get the nap wrong on this skirt it was probably the best place to do it!

The skirt is a little big in the waist, but as I will probably be tucking in winter tops so I think it will be ok.  Can I admit I did not try this skirt on until I finished it - real slapdash sewing!  Ha!

Back view...

I did line this skirt but haven't got photos but brown lining in a brown skirt - not so exciting!   

I plan to make another one of these in denim.  It will be unlined and will feature top stitching, pockets and jeans buttons.  I know it won't be as warm as this one but I am going to Brisbane for the week-end soon, so hope I will get the lovely warm sunny winter days that Brisbane does so well!

Ciao!  More winter sewing soon...