Monday, January 19, 2015

First of the year... Ottobre 02-2010-15 Linen skirt

My first sew for the year was a slow one.  A lovely white linen skirt with top stitching detail and cargo pockets.  I don't know why but I do love top stitching... soothing...mmm.

I used a mash-up of pattern 15 with pattern 4.  I took all the main details of the 15 Debra Linen skirt..

but used the darts from 4 Zaffiro silk skirt, instead of the gathers.  I also added a lining (pattern 4)  but used the walking vent from view 15.  

I loved sewing the cargo pockets.  First time I have tried them and they were interesting to make.  It took a little while as I was following the written Ottobre instructions, but I checked some tutorials on the web and it fell into place.  I did use buttons to hold the flap down rather than velcro as per the pattern.  I saw natural coloured buttons used on a similar detail on a RTW white linen skirt and thought it looked smart but still casual.

The fabric is from Spotlight and was called linen suiting.  Being white I felt it needed lining so used a rayon/poly blend with a nice weight also from Spotties.

The pattern has a narrow waistband, invisible zip and a walking vent at the back.  They used a button for the closure of the waistband so I did too, finding a smaller button that closely matched the buttons I bought for the pockets.  I think I should have set the zipper a little higher so that I didn't get the little gap between the top of the zip and the waistband... more practice needed... :)

I am pretty happy with this skirt.  I wanted a cool, casual style skirt and that is what I have achieved.  Even with the lining the skirt coped well on a visit to Brisbane in the middle of a heat wave.  The top for those interested is also from Ottobre (02-2013-3) and is detailed here.  I really like the white skirt with the blue skirt... cool and pretty I think.  The review for the skirt is here but doesn't detail much more than I have said in this post. 

Well from me and my favorite photo bomber... Ciao kittens!