Saturday, September 10, 2011

Another one of the top 10 made.. Simplicity 2599

I was so excited to finish this top, I have done the thing I don't normally do - the mirror self-portrait!

This is Simplicity 2599.  This top is also another one of the top 10 patterns of 2010.  If you read my blog, you may know that I have set the challenge to make all top 10 outfits (a follower I am!)

This version is my trial version made in a polyester chiffon (yoru?) which cost all of $5 m and seemed perfect for this top.  It is Version B with cap sleeves and vertical ruffles.

I was concerned when I first tried it on after inserting sleeves that it would be too tight across the shoulders.  I need to get a photo of the back and try wearing it for a day to see how it goes on that score.

  As you can see, it fits Diana very well across the back, but my shoulders are a little broader.


This is a great little top.  It has different cup sizes and I am the b-cup as my high bust is very similar to my full bust (that's those pecs I have worked on so hard ;) )

Even with the cup sizes I found I had to go down a few sizes as the ease is massive in this top.  I am a 34" bust which corresponds to a size 12 but it had something like 5 1/2" ease across the bust - too much for me.  I went down to the size 8, which has 3" ease.  

The other things I did were to leave off the button closure at the back as it slipped on very easily without this, so even though I think it looks cute, I know I will never undo the button.

I also left off the facing and used rayon seam binding to finish the neck edge.  I did as others have done with this too and used a roll-edge hem to finish the ruffle edge. 

The only tip (which I hope will work through the wash!) is that the ruffles are attached with two rows of stitching 3mm apart and the edge is raw.  As this fabric ravels terribly, I made the second row of stitching a narrow zigzag and then trimmed close to the stitching.  I am hoping that it will keep it tidy as well as hold it through washing.  I used my duck-bill scissors to trim the excess fabric.  I love these scissors - you don't want to be cutting a hole in your top at this stage!

Lulu was my sewing helper today and as you can see gave my top the seal of approval...

I am now washing my very expensive piece of silk to make another version of this cute top... Ciao!


  1. Great top! I love the miniature floral print with the vertical ruffles.

  2. Lovely top Sue, and I love how Lulu has come to help in photos and roll on the fabric. I bet she's planning to do that to your silk too!!
    I love the vertical ruffles and appreciate seeing how the sleeves sit in this top.

  3. Very nice top, Sue. You'll get plenty of wear out of this one.

  4. Very nice! This is one pattern I keep meaning to get but always forget.

  5. Very pretty top,those ruffles are cute and Lulu is really enjoying herself.

  6. I love that top. The print is really great and your cat is so pretty!!! I used to have a black cat.

  7. Very nice Sue. My black cat, Kesa, does similar things when I'm sewing. Usually she insists on sitting on the back of my chair. I think she likes a captive audience. Looking forward to seeing the next top.

  8. Those vertical ruffles are really cute!

  9. Lovely top and purchased it after seeing several reviews.

  10. Nice top! I like how the ruffles are subtle in the dark top. Very versatile piece in the end.


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