Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Some answers to questions ...

I have had some questions lately in my Comments and have been very lax in answering them - I hope you still want to know! :)
From my post on Boxer for the boys
Kelley said...
They look great, Sue, very professional. My DH has been after me for years to make some for him, but I think I must be channeling my inner Selfish Seamstress. LOL. In the event that I finally do cave, where did you find the boxer elastic? It looks like that is the way to go.
August 28, 2011 4:09 PM
katherine h said...
These look good. where did you get the boxer elastic? I just bought pants using that elastic and it is very comfortable.
The boxer elastic came from Lincraft - but don't look for any in the Toowoomba store - I bought the last of the roll!   I think I may have seen some online at Crafty Mamas.  I have bought magazines from there but not elastic, so far the service has been excellent.    
From the post about 05-2011-107 gym top   
katherine h said...
I cut my shirts with extra width at the underarms on the back only, grading back to a size or 2 smaller at the waist. This seems to accommodate those lat muscles. You will need to add the same amount to sleeves, if your top has them. Looks good. I'm sure you;ll make plenty more of these. What is the composition of your technical fabrics?      
This fabric is a poly/nylon - it will be interesting to see how it wears in high Summer - it is still coping ok in the cooler weather.   
Summer Flies said... Your last two tops look great .. both colours look great on you. Where do you get that vilene tape from - around here?
I got the vilene tape at Lincraft again (it is amazing what you can find in there).  However I remember it was very expensive.  I have found it on-line here and have been planning to buy some but haven't as yet and have not used this on-line shop so cannot comment on them.  
So this post does not have any pictures, I have snapped a picture of my WIP - my second Simplicity 2599 top in a luscious silk... ruffles to be added....


  1. Thank you Sue. I've got a little boy and when uni is finished I want to make him some boxers too, thanks for those heads up, I'll check Lincraft in the city but if not I'll order online.
    I have that simplicity top pattern too (doesn't everyone?) and can't wait to make some up for summer.. I love your polka dots!

  2. Thanks, Sue, for taking the time to answer. I'd had a look around and found the elastic at Crafty Mamas, too. I will have a look at Lincraft as well, though.

  3. Thanks Sue,

    I rarely go to Lincraft as their fabrics always disappoint me...looks like I should be going there for notions and haberdashery though.

  4. Great top Sue, what lovely silk. Are you doing the same version of ruffles or a different one this time?


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