Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Big day out

I had a lovely day out today - road trip!

With a couple of sewing buddies, a big day out to Brisbane to see a few things..

First up the Knitwit roadshow, where we saw some lovely fabrics and patterns (and to be honest, some granny fabrics and patterns!) but I did get enough out of it that I would go again.

Then with a couple of other sewing buddies Lynn and her friend Carol joined us to go to the Art Gallery and see this hat exhibition. After this we also decided to see the Ron Mueck display which was absolutely fascinating and quite confronting. My sewing buddies (Ros & Anna) in front of one of the sculptures...

as promised here is a picture of me wearing my new Jalie Scarf neck top...

and my huge shopping splurge for the day, two new buckles to alternate on my scarf top (or for some new ones)...


  1. Glad you had a good time in Brisbane and it was worth the visit. Sorry I couldn't be there. I love the buckles for your scarf top. I have never considered a top like that but now I think you may have changed my mind.

  2. I'm off work for a month and I am going to drive up to Brisbane to see that exhibition! It sounds very interesting. Your top looks great on and I love the long rectangular buckle.

  3. Your Jalie top looks great, I need to get more buckles as I have another top planned.

    That exhibition looks very interesting and I also agree with the Knitwit comment, saw it on Monday night but will go again.

  4. Your top looks great! and that sculpture is pretty amazing!

  5. How funny! I take my daughter down to the museum every wed. to see the hats, I was there yesterday. Then we went to the farmers market across the river. Small world.


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