Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sewing for the boys...

This is part of my simple sewing campaign - sewing for the boys - two out of three so far. When I can get a chest measurement of my eldest son I will make some for him to (but don't tell him that - he will be mortified!).

I have made versions for both my other boys - here is the v-neck for my youngest son. Please note - being a Mum who thinks of the future and the fact this boy is at an extreme growing age, I made this shirt one size bigger than he measured (I would have gone bigger but I do want him to wear it so I have to err on the side of not to big). The v-neck version:

and the back ...

Detail of the v-neck - not the easiest to accomplish but the instructions on how to do it are good.

And I have made a v-neck and crew-neck for DH. Here is one of the crew-neck made in a technical (wicking) fabric to wear at the gym. As he had just returned from the gym, he wouldn't let me add his head (too red and sweaty!) but he did suck in his gut and strike a pose...

I have added a piping sized band of fluoro-orange wicking fabric to the front to break up all the black - look at me I did embellishment!

This is a great basic men's/boy's Tee-shirt pattern that I highly recommend. The review is
here for those interested.


  1. Those both look fantastic! I should get that pattern and make some tops for my boys.

  2. Wow, those look great! I think I will have to get this pattern, I am always bemoaning the lack of good patterns for men (and boys, for that matter!) and this looks like it would fit the bill nicely for both!

  3. Both look great!! I've been thinking about getting this pattern and I think I will after seeing yours.

  4. They both look great in their shirts. You did a great job :)

  5. You did an awesome job with both shirts. The pattern is a must add to my pattern stash.

  6. Terrific shirts. I am about to embark on some man sewing, so am very interested in your review. Thanks.

  7. Great shirts. They both fit well and DH had some fun too.

  8. DUH! Why don't I have this pattern? Your guys look terrific!


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