Monday, May 3, 2010

Simple sewing and more frustrations!

I was happy to receive the email from Gorgeous Fabrics regarding their silk sale with the thought to use the silk to make your Mum a simple scarf. I printed out the instructions, but I wasn't able to purchase from GF as there would not have been time for the order to arrive as I wanted it for this week-end when we visited my parents. So I found a lovely pieces of silk chiffon (?) from the remnant bin at Gardams. The fabric is one that had one colour woven one way and another the other - green, blue so it has a lovely shimmer to it. If you can tell me what that is called, I would be grateful as I have been racking my brain to try and remember!

The instructions call for a rolled hem on the overlocker (serger) and to continue my run of bad luck with the OL, of course when I changed it over to do a rolled hem the chaining stopped and has not returned. Less than a month ago, the same thing happened when I started the mini-wardrobe contest and the machine was serviced fully and I was told it was OK to go! However there is obviously a bigger problem with this machine as it loses the ability to chain as soon as it is changed to a rolled hem... *frustration* ...the machine is packed up ready to go back to the shop (again!).

So to cut a long story short I ended up looking up how to hand sew a rolled hem and that is what I did. It took hours!

I am trying to look at it in a positive light as at least I learned a new skill! Here is the best photo of the hem that I could get.

After visiting with my parents, I had a free afternoon so wanted to accomplish something on the sewing front, so I have made some jammie pants to wear on the cool nights we are getting.

I used Burda wof 11-2009-131. I would love to make a pair in silk but decided to try the pattern first in good old cuddly flannelette. I don't think you need to see these on me - they look like pyjama bottoms (believe me)!

I think I must have misunderstood the instructions though as my ties are about twice as long as I think they should be (misunderstand BWOF instructions - never!)

Another hem shot - I used one of my fancy stitches on my Bernina for fun! The colour is not showing true here. It is the colour shown in the above photo.

Lulu missed us while we were away overnight at my parents place so has been very helpful this afternoon.
I bought some ivory coloured knit fabric when I got the flannelette so I think I will make a little t-shirt to complete my night-time ensemble. After I have worn these I will make a decision as whether I make some from silk (maybe I should check if that silk sale is still happening at GF!)


  1. I have hand sewn one rolled hem in my life and it does take a long time. It looks great!! My cat always like to help me, too, when I cut out patterns. He waits for me to roll the leftover paper into a ball and throw it for him to catch.

  2. The fabric is usually referred to as 'shot' - when the warp is one colour and the weft another - is that the word you were searching for?

    Hand rolled hems on scarfs are very classy. Way better than a machine hem. So you did the right thing, I reckon, even if it did take forever.

  3. Gorgeous color chiffon and your hand sewing is to be commended! I am sure you are ready to throw the serger against a wall!

  4. I've wanted to try a hand-rolled hem, but never had the patience or reason to do so. Yours is great!

  5. I agree with Mary Nanna, hand rolled hems are lovely. Overlocked rolled hems are not as pretty. And yes, the fabric with two colours is called shot. Your PJ pants look comfy. Make some silk ones you will love them.


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