Sunday, September 6, 2009

And the beat goes on...

Another top this week-end. This time a tried and true - Jalie 2794 - the sweetheart top. If you have read my blog long enough, you will know I love these patterns!

I used the piece of fabric I bought off the remnant table at Tessuti's on my recent Melbourne trip. It was half price $12.50 for 1.25m and, boy, what a fabulous quality fabric! I am not exactly sure what is in it but it is great to work with and if it doesn't wash and wear well I'll eat my hat!

You can see it modelled here on Diana with one of the skirts I made last year for the endless combinations competition.. it goes on... dah, de, dah, de dah!

When I look back at the photo I took of this skirt when it was made, the hem looks straight enough. Being a bias skirt made of rayon, it continued to drop until it got to the stage it was so wonky I was embarrassed to wear it. I was tossing up whether I would fix it or ditch it, but Diana was such a great assistant - standing still patiently while I marked the hem that I chose to re-hem it. However not ever again - it is a long hem to sew!


  1. Very pretty! That is a great color, and I just love that Jalie pattern.

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Your top is gorgeous with that skirt!! Great job! We're having an awesome time with our family. I'm actually home alone for a few minutes!

  3. That Jalie pattern is very popular, and I can see why. It's feminine and lovely.

  4. Another great Jalie sweetheart! Looks great with the skirt, too.

  5. We can't get Jalie here - the only way is to import it through ebay Australia where it's quite expensive - one day I may save up and get a few - in the meantime I'll just admire your creations..

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