Friday, September 25, 2009

For Caity

A confession - not sewing but shopping. I bought this dress a few months ago. I spied it first on this site - Couture Allure and fell in love - then noticed it was my size - fate!

However it did seem a bit extravagant so I tried to ignore the call. Then my DH came home and told me we were sponsoring a table at a Race Day so - Woo hoo! - that was all the excuse I needed (and with some encouragement from DH and Caity) I bought it - which seemed a great extravagance at the time. Since then I have looked at the price of RTW dress-ups and found I did quite well. Especially considering I think this has 'value' - vintage 60's, hand beaded and custom made (not for me but someone of a very similar size!)

So here you are Caity - the photo!! We had a great day - all the better for having a fab dress to wear!


  1. So fun to wear a fancy dress! I love the empire waist and beading.

  2. You look fantastic. Whatever you paid for it was worth it!

  3. It is a beautiful dress and the colour really suits you. Quality is worth every penny.

  4. LOVELOVELOVE IT!! Its the perfect fit and length for you, I'm SO glad you bought it!

  5. Oh my gosh! I am so late to your post, but you look absolutely fabulous in your dress! It fits you perfectly! Thank you for sharing!


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