Saturday, September 5, 2009

Two new black tee's - Vogue8558 & New Look 6735

Simple patterns - done in knit fabrics have been calling me. As they are:
  1. easy - simple - not difficult - quick - everything the opposite of a Chanel jacket
  2. they will use up some of the fabric stash quickly
  3. I need new tops!!!!
First off the blocks - a black cotton interlock bought from Spotlight (*warning* ...chain store... *warning*)

Not expensive but comfortable and good to try out some untried patterns. First up New Look 6735 - 3/4 sleeve Tee...

*nnnuuuhhh* - not sure - this was a best pattern on Pattern Review (I am sure) but the top came out too big for me. I think I can get away with using it, but the neckline - too big, shoulders slightly falling off shoulder points and the excess at the hips...

Next up Vogue 8558...

excuse the headless photos (shocking faces - best not to show them!)

It seems to be riding up at the front centre - I may need to re-hem it,otherwise I quite like it! It is fairly loose - I made a Vogue size 14 and took off some of the length and scooped out the underarm hole but apart from that as per the pattern. I quite like this and think I will make it again. Next on to some lubley, lubley Jalies - that I know will fit and look good!


  1. I like them. The neckline is wide on the first, but the shape is good overall. Was this a best pattern for the jacket maybe? That's why I bought it, tho of course it's still waiting to be tried, lol.

    I realised the other day that I had no simple black tees that fit well. I'll have to get onto that.

  2. I really like the new look pattern, but I found on my first try that the neckline was huge, too. Of course, I find that on almost all the new look patterns I use! But, I do like the shape of the's a nice t-shirt because it's not square and it builds in room for an actual bust!

  3. The New Style pattern ran big on me, too. I don't understand why the Vogue one is riding up - hmmmm!
    You have been busy!

  4. I like the Vogue pattern. Not seen that one.

  5. Both tops look good. I've made New Look 6735 but as a pull over vest. The finished measurements are big, if you decide to try it again go down a size.


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