Saturday, September 19, 2009

Trim for my Chanel Jacket and planning

I was in Brisbane for work on Thursday (learning how to do internal auditing for the Quality Assurance system - aye carumba!), so you can probably understand the need for a bit of retail therapy on the way home. I found this trim at Sckaf's for my Chanel jacket. It is photographed here with my fabric. What do you think? I need to decide as I have to call them if I want them to post some up to me (I only took a sample).

I had pictured a jacket with Petersham ribbon used as the trim but can only find Grosgrain (even on the web). The Grosgrain will not curve around the neck edge and so is useless to me for this purpose. Anyhoos I need to decide if that is the one I want so I can give them a call next week.

While that is slowly moving along I am planning to start work on my collection of basics - should think of a name for it...hmmm.. Anyway I thought this fabric and Burda wof 03-2009-105 would be my first in the collection.
Off to start tracing...


  1. I admire your endurance in sewing another Chanel jacket ( Chanel jackets must be the marathon of the sewing world) meantime I'm sure you'll just whip up that skirt, tricky pockets or no, in a jiffy by comparison.

  2. I like the trim. I can see this used with Petersham ribbon and sorry you cannot find any. Across the pong in the US I think that the Sewing Place carries petersham or even M&J Trimmings. Of course, I have no idea what it would cost to acquire from those two locations but thought I would add my 2 cents worth.

  3. I think the trim sets off the fabric very nicely. If you can't get the Peterrsham, this is an excellent second choice.

  4. I love your fabrics. That trim is perfect.

  5. I've made the BWOF skirt (long version) without the pockets. It sits slightly above the waist, and the waist is quite fitted. In my version(!), the front pleats differ slightly from the back pleats - which makes sense because your front differs from your back! Make sure you mark the back/front piece.


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