Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A few thoughts on my sewing direction..

I haven't had much direction with my sewing lately but I have decided I need to think about where I am headed with it!

I had considered joining in the Pattern Review wardrobe contest but I was not ready to start at the beginning of September and I truly do not have the time to do the reviews at the moment, so decided against it. However everything I have been reading about creating a workable wardrobe and on watching which items I pull out of the wardrobe regularly, I have decided I need to concentrate on basics for a while. I need more coordinating items in solid basic colours. I would also like a few more dresses for the days you just throw something on.

I have committed to making another Chanel jacket and think it will work in well with this idea as it is a good coordinating colour, however it is going to be a background work in progress as there is so much hand sewing involved. Also as we are entering Spring/Summer I will not be requiring it for a while. I plan to draft the jacket next week when I have a day meeting with my ASG group. We are having a 'helping each other with fitting' day so if I get far enough with it I can tissue fit it that day. I also need to start looking for braid/trim to go on it.

I have one sewing project that has got stuck unfinished (which I hate as I usually try and finish each item before starting another). It is a blue chambray shirt I was playing with pin tucking on. However it is long sleeved and I am wondering now if I should make it sleeveless or change the sleeve to short to motivate myself to finish it as I do not need a long sleeve shirt right now. ... or do I just leave it to finish next autumn? More thought required on that one....

Anyway I seemed to have stalled a bit with my sewing but hope to get inspired soon. Perhaps I need to go and clean up my sewing stuff and that might help? I am waiting for an order to arrive from Gorgeous Fabrics which I bought on the last sale so I am sure that will re-motivate me.

Motivation stalled ... time to step back and consider where I am going... hmmm...

Anyway how can anyone stay glum when it is Spring here and the flowers are in the garden...


  1. Ah spring has spring. My garden is blooming too. My favourite time of the year.

  2. I know what you mean about direction...I strive for it, but I don't always make it! I find myself jumping all over the place with my projects, like a magpie attracted to bright colors...and I end up without a coherent wardrobe. So I, too, have been trying to concentrate on classics, and also have decided that "gray" is my color...if I get a print, it has to match my gray slacks! But that is the extent of my direction.

  3. I also identify with what you are saying.

    I have realised that for me, sewing is first and foremost a hobby. I do it as a way to reclaim a small part of my day away from a small child and back for myself.

    I sew what I feel like sewing: if I have no energy for a project then I don't even attempt it. I find basics bore me to tears as they have no challenge to them. So I buy basics and sew "decoration" and that works well for me.

    It sounds to me like you have no energy for the shirt, that it doesn't inspire you. Then why not put it away for the time when the inspiration stirs and the creative muses come calling.

    There's sewing for it's own sake, and then there's sewing to have a wearable warbrobe. If you know what sewing means to you then you'll find a way to resolve the tension between the two.


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