Sunday, August 30, 2009

Photos - Burda wof 08-2009-117

I had a request to see photos of this one on so you can see how it fits. It was photographed this weekend when we went away and this is straight out of the bag (not pressed) so please excuse any wrinkles. Here is the top belted & un-belted.


I quite like this top but haven't done a test-wear yet. I took it this week-end but didn't end up needing it (but got the photos while I could). While I was at the shops I saw some versions of this - the cutest one was more of a singlet style and when I looked closer, the front and ruffle were basically attached to a cotton t-shirt. Sot the back was plain T-shirt and the front was lined with the T-shirt. The ruffle and outer front were silk like mine but it would be interesting to see how the cotton t-shirt wears (especially as it had a $90 price tag!) .

I had a question about Diana in the comments of my last post.
Blogger Chantal said...

I notice you have a Diana dress form. I'd like to buy a dress form, and these seem to be the only ones available in my area. How do you like it? Is it easy to get the right shape for your body? Is it sturdy? do the clothes fit on your dress form the same way they fit on you...Would you recommend it? Thanks, I've just found your blog, and was really impressed with the Channel jacket!, I used to find these jacket look good on other people, but not really interesting for me and my body shape, but after seeing yours and the one from your teacher and friend, I think might make one for myself! Thanks! Chantal

Chantal - I haven't had Diana very long yet, but so far I am really happy with it and have no regrets in buying it. I use it all the time. I think it is very close to my sizing as this model has quite a few adjustments. I choose this brand as the dials are easier to adjust than the thumb wheel type dials on other models. Also I was told that you can get replacement parts and they are not expensive if you break a bit. (You cannot get replacement bits for some others). I still try items on myself, of course, but if I feel I need to change something I can pin it while it is on Diana. On this top I used it to get the hem straight on both the lining and outer fabric - this would have been very difficult without the model. Yes - I would recommend it! (But like I said I haven't used it a lot as yet).

As well as some snoop shopping this week-end I also did some real shopping and snagged a few new pairs of shoes. I had to show uyou these wicked ones I bought to wear to the races...


  1. I love that top. It is on my list to sew and it is nice seeing it made up. Those shoes are to die for!!!

  2. Sue, that top looks great. I wasn't too fussed when I saw it on Diana, but it looks fabulous on you in looks very much like the Burda top.

  3. Very feminine top. Pretty. Those stilettos--WOW!

  4. The top is fun and flirty! It looks great on you. Those stilettos are hot hot hot!

  5. The top is very pretty! I like it wil the belt best and those shoes are awesome!!!

  6. I like it best unbelted - it has a really nice fall.


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