Friday, August 21, 2009

Chanel Jackets x 3

As mentioned in my previous post, the first outing for the jacket was to see the movie Coco Avant Chanel. The three of us from the class went so it gave us a deadline to finish our jackets. I was still sewing trim on in the morning and Felicity had to send her hubby off to buy more on the morning as she ran out!

So, without any more ado, introducing Chanel Class #1-2009:

In the red jacket , Felicity our instructor who was making two jackets while we were making one!
Then me (of course).
In the blue/tan jacket is Jane who I really enjoyed meeting in this class.
The three of us had a ball in this class with plenty of laughter!

I believe Felicity's jacket is made with Vogue 8529 and Jane and I both used Vogue 7975. We loved the fact that we used the same pattern but came out with very individual jackets.

I had the following questions in the comments of my last post:

katherine h has left a new comment on your post "Chanel Post #4 ...finished...sort of!":

Sue, that jacket is truly gorgeous. The colour is beautiful and you have done an impressive job of the trims. How was the movie?

We all enjoyed the movie. I thought it gave a good insight into Coco's life. There is enough fashion to keep sewist's happy, even though some of it may not have been quite accurate for the time it was placed. Audrey Tatou was fabulous!

Cindy has left a new comment on your post "Chanel Post #4 ...finished...sort of!":

It looks wonderful! Love the light green color and trim. Did you sew the fringe between the shell and lining or is it sewn on top of the shell? I want to use fringe on my Chanel and it baffles me a bit!

I sewed the fringe in between the lining and the shell. However if you look at Jane's jacket, the fringe is cut on the bias and then sewn onto the shell on the outside. It really depends on the look you are after.

Well, even though I plan to do more on the jacket, I need a break from it and have bought some fabric to make Burda wof 08-2009-117. Hopefully a nice simple top that can be whipped up quickly!


  1. An awesome threesome! Chanel would be so happy!

  2. How fabulous you all look in those jackets. Well done.

  3. They look great. I'm feeling a little guilty that I haven't even started mine.

  4. They all look fantastic and each is so different!

  5. Thank you for answering my fringe question. Very helpful.

    The picture is great. I love Chanel jackets because there is so much room for creativity. Not one on the sew along will look the same!

    Also, I am so happy to see V8259 without the buttons closure. I am thinking of leaving it off.

  6. All three of your jackets are gorgeous. Coco Chanel would indeed be very proud!!!

  7. OMG! I love your Chanel jacket. Your blog has answered my pesky fringe dilema. Thank you for that.

  8. Love them all! What a lovely group.

  9. The Chanel Jackets are beautitful and can just imagine the fun had during the making of them. You all look great.

  10. Very nice job! And beautiful idea to make them for the movie! I was just wonddering where you found the pattern V8259 - I've been looking for it "everywhere" on the internet - without any success! Do you have any idea where I could find it (for the 3-piece-sleeve)-
    Again, very nice job!


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