Thursday, November 8, 2007

Travel on the horizon...

We have decided to go overseas next year to Finland. My parents are going so we thought we would take the opportunity to go with them as they can introduce us to all those rellies we have never met (or knew existed...)

Now I just have to make the bookings - I hope it is not going to be difficult! It surprises me how complex booking these trips can be. I hope we can travel over with my parents but so far have not been able to contact the travel agent to arrange the tickets. I have spent the last few days agonising over whether my son Mr D should take time off from school to come with us... he wasn't sure it would be a good idea, but the Guidance Officer at the school thinks travel is so important that they can work around the time off. Then trying to ensure hubby will be able to get that time off work. He has plenty of leave but I needed to make sure no-one else was taking extended leave at the same time. Once the tickets are booked we are committed.

On the exercise front I am pleased that I attended a Body Step class yesterday and did a PT session today. It was all weights in the PT - chest press, squats with a bar across the shoulders with weights, seated row with alternate arms, dips and pull-ups, shoulders and lateral raises. At lease I think that is what they are called?

I have worked the last few days when I have not been at the Gym so have not done any quilting. Hoping to do some tomorrow.

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